England’s draw highlights the impact of Wilshere

It was a stereotypical England performance, it has to be said. A bright opening 45 minutes before a drab second half which saw the Three Lions stutter to a 1-1 draw with Montenegro, Damjanovic netting for the eastern European side.

The poor decision making of manager Roy Hodgson ensured that any hope of a victory disintegrated when the ineffectual Tom Cleverley was replaced by Manchester United teammate Ashley Young, the latter having little to no effect on the encounter whatsoever.

The midfield of Steven Gerrard and Michael Carrick worked well, the latter of which enjoyed a successful encounter shielding the defence and bringing a calming influence to a disjointed England side.

However, as good as the above duo were, the lack of Jack Wilshere was evident from the off. Hodgson’s side lacked the creative spark the young midfielder brings to Arsenal, further hampering their chances of walking away from Montenegro with a three vital points.

A recurrence of an ankle injury means Wilshere is sidelined for the next month or so, and his position in the midfield, of which Cleverley filled to a disappointingly low standard. For the good of the nation, despite those suggesting he’s “overrated”, he plays a vital role in the middle of the park and the sooner he returns from the sidelines, the better.  

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  1. Nik March 29, 2013 at 10:46 am #

    Jack the man!!!

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