Wenger suggesting Protesters are taking a lead from the ‘Big Ego’ of Piers Morgan is insulting to Gunners

Not sure who has the Bigger Ego

Not sure who has the Bigger Ego

As the season draws to a close, it is not a sense of sadness or even disappointment that engulfs me but one of relief; Relief that the summer break from club football will at last provide me with a timely respite from what has become a toxic environment during a disappointing and emotionally exhausting campaign.

The repetitive debate raging amongst the clubs supporters over the position of Arsene Wenger has undoubtedly, become tiresome. Equally tiresome, if not more so, is watching the manager and the team, repeating the same mistakes year after year. However, in recent weeks, some members of the Arsene knows brigade have bizarrely suggested that a second or third place finish at the end of this campaign, would represent a successful season.

Whilst no club has a divine right when it comes to winning trophies, a club with the resources of Arsenal is expected to at least offer a sustained challenge to win them. Early eliminations from the FA Cup, Capital One Cup and Champions League, along with a minimum nine point gap between our final points total and that of the newly crowned league champions, Leicester City, is far from doing that.

Finishing above Spurs would at least provide us with the local bragging rights and the ammunition for our fans to have the last laugh at our neighbours expense following all the gloating they have done this season. However, from my perspective, this alone would not justify the faith shown in Arsene by those who believe he can do no wrong.

With the relegation of Newcastle United now confirmed, I fully expect Spurs to secure at least the solitary point they require in order to condemn us to finishing below them for the first time in over two decades. This, along with Leicester’s surprise title success this season, removes the Arsene knows brigades, ‘it could be worse, we could be below Spurs and we can’t compete with clubs spending a sugar daddies money’, safety net.

It is the repeated mistakes

It is the repeated mistakes

I briefly touched upon Arsene repeating his mistakes and it has become increasingly evident that the reason he continually fails to learn from his past errors, is his obvious refusal to accept responsibility for them. Instead he points the finger of blame at everyone and anyone with one exception, himself. Happy to take credit for past successes and tell us how he built up the club but reluctant to accept criticism for recent disappointments it would seem.

Particularly puzzling is Arsene’s recent analysis of our season, where he cited a difficult fixtures list, an awkward climate at home games and long term injuries to Danny Welbeck, Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla. Perhaps he’s forgotten that both Welbeck and Wilshere were ruled out with long term injuries prior to the closure of the summer transfer window. It is important that Arsene learns from the lessons of this season and buys a suitable replacement for Welbeck who has been ruled out for at least nine months.

Wenger keeps Santi on injured

Wenger keeps Santi on injured

It should also not be forgotten that the severity of Cazorla’s injury was worsened by him not being replaced at half time away at Norwich. With Arsene publicly stating that he was aware that Santi was ‘playing on one leg’ during the interval. Add this to the injury sustained by Theo Walcott’s after being introduced without a proper warm up against Sheffield Wednesday and Aaron Ramsey suffering an injury in near identical circumstances against Hull City and the evidence begins to mount up.

Participation in both domestic and European cup competitions of course brings additional fixtures but as previously mentioned, we failed to reach the latter rounds of any knock out competition this season and a difficult fixture schedule is an excuse not a reason for our relatively poor campaign. The atmosphere at home games may have become increasingly tense in the last few fixtures but prior to this, the players and manager have been fairly well received by the home crowd and our support on a whole has been very tolerant during years of underachievement. The manager is not only wrong to blame the fans but disrespectful too.

Arsene hates being questioned and having the character of his players put under scrutiny. Many times he has praised the team’s mental strength but we are yet to see any evidence that supports this claim. Once we score, we often look capable of getting five but by the same token, after conceding, we often appear susceptible to letting in five. This apparent vulnerability in no way supports Arsene’s assertion that his team is not mentally fragile and it clear that the team lacks any real leadership, on or off the field.

In recent weeks, the protests against Wenger have stepped up a gear. Whether you agree or disagree with them, people are entitled to express their opinions and some of our supporters need to lose the holier than thou chip on their shoulders. The same individuals who tell those of us want Wenger to go, to ‘f*ck off down the lane’ are also the ones physically assaulting fellow Arsenal supporters. My question is what mirrors the behaviour of Spurs fans more, the holding up of politely worded banners or punching Arsenal supporters?

Despite Arsene’s beliefs to the contrary, the protests are not coordinated by a personal agenda and a big ego, a clear reference to Piers Morgan. The majority of Arsenal supporters despise Piers Morgan and it is an insult to our intelligence, again, to suggest that we are not capable of forming our own opinions. Sadly this season, Arsene has shown very little that suggests he remains capable of leading the club to future successes.

If Stan not stopping Wenger buying players who is?

If Stan not stopping Wenger buying players who is?

Having publicly admitted that Stan Kroenke has made funds available and never blocked a big money transfer move, the pressure is on Wenger to spend this summer. People will argue that Leicester’s title success proves that clubs don’t need to spend big. However, when you have a manager who is incapable of getting even some of the basics right, team selections and substitutions for example, a higher calibre of player is required to help compensate for some of the managers deficiencies.

The thought of at least another season full of bitter infighting amongst our own supporters and further underachievement under Wenger is a depressing one to stomach. And a new contract being put on the table for Arsene would be the final nail in the coffin where supporter harmony is concerned. If only I go into hibernation and wake up once Arsene has gone. Being an Arsenal supporter used to consist of togetherness and camaraderie but sadly those days appear long gone…..

Farewell to the Away Boyz!

Farewell to the Away Boyz!

On a final note, I’d like to wish Bob, Charlie, Kayleigh and the rest of the Arsenal Away Boyz gang a happy retirement. Hopefully we will see you all back for a few special occasion gigs in the future. It’s been a blast guys x

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14 Responses to Wenger suggesting Protesters are taking a lead from the ‘Big Ego’ of Piers Morgan is insulting to Gunners

  1. Victor Thompson May 14, 2016 at 1:22 pm #

    It is repetitive Nick. It is depressing but it is good and an accurate description of the Arsene out way of thinking.

    I look forward to next season in the hope that we will have signed a striker, a defensive midfielder and a centre Back though on the reputed £54m we have to spend, we will be lucky to get one of them. I hope the bead counters realise than one player at that price will not make a big enough difference to satisfy Sanchez that his future is at Arsenal.

    We are reputed to have an unspent £70m from this season and we shall have £100+ m from TV rites, so how come Burnley will have more to spend than us?

    As to the situation with the fans, Wenger needs to make it clear that he will honour his current contract which expires at the end of next season, and that he will then move on. I do give him credit for sticking to his principles of honouring his contracts, but I expect him to display the same honour and show his concern for the club by assisting with the task of obtaining a replacement so that there is a smooth transition.

    His bully boy supporters need to reflect on their behaviour against fellow supporters who choose to maintain their support for Arsenal as opposed to their support for Wenger.

    At present the situation is similar to the Doctors dispute. That dispute arose because Jeremy Hunt produced a blueprint for the way the NHS is to be run and despite complaints from many sources, he stubbornly refuses to admit that he is not always right. Wenger is the same. He has an outdated philosophy of how to play and he refuses to admit that he has been left behind. Even worse than the doctors dispute is the fact that his errors have been exposed year after year. The Doctors have reached an impasse with Hunt and it is clear that the central factor in both disputes is the respective central figures.

    Nothing short of their removal will clear the way for the resolution of both situations. At least Acas have intervened in the medical dispute and there may be a solution at hand. I hope that Wenger`s slightly softened attitude recently heralds a recognition that his departure is the only solution to the present rift between the fans.

    A concerted effort to obtain at least two of the required three players would be a good start in that direction. £54m will not do it.

    • Ken May 14, 2016 at 3:07 pm #

      Arsene OUT a million times , whether you like it or not. Continue to stick your head in Wnger’s a** hole ,smell the foul and tell yourself it feels like heaven, idiot.
      Pissed off of his lies which are deemed to be nectar for you
      Again, being repetitive, WENGER OUT – WENGER OUT -WENGER OUT -WENGER OUT

    • Nick Birch May 15, 2016 at 6:47 am #

      Hi Victor

      Thank you for your sensible response and I agree with your comments, although at the moment I don’t particularly look forward to next season.

      I need Arsene to give me something to go with his actions in the summer transfer market. We need a new spine for the side, centre back, centre midfield and a forward. If we get them and they are players who excite me then I will look forward to next season.

      Arsene will still make poor selections and substitutions because I’ve seen nothing to suggest that after two decades in the job, he’s going to suddenly change how he sees things on the pitch.

      However, as I said in the article, better players should help to compensate for his errors, providing he manages to get the best out of them of course.

      What I have also noticed, is that those who disagree with my opinions and yours too, is that they tell you that they disagree but are completely incapable of providing a reasoned argument to counter anything we have said.

      The also quickly resort to insults and telling us to f*ck off and support another club, I mean what complete nonsense is that?

      I was an Arsenal fan long before Wenger arrived and I’ll be one long after he leaves. I won’t change my views simply because they upset a handful of people and I don’t write to please anyone but myself. If people like my articles and share my sentiments then that’s a bonus and I get far more praise than I do criticism.

      I put my views out there and I’m big enough to take the knocks that come with doing that….

  2. Thenry May 14, 2016 at 1:26 pm #

    More anti wenger vitriol from people who have done what for Arsenal
    Piers Morgan has contributed what exactly that gives Hina right to be so disrespectful to a man like wenger who has given 20 years to put our club amongst the elite which we were not before his arrival
    As for your blog wow listen to yourself the all knowing safe that you are I am surprised the top clubs havnt come to you for advice since you think you know it all.
    What have you done for Arsenal more to the point your just another pub team legend in your own little delusional world
    Give it a rest or fuck off and support another club wenger is worth a billion of you and your ilk to Arsenal fc
    Arse even definitely knows better th you

    • Peter Ellis May 14, 2016 at 2:58 pm #

      Intelligent response mate, grow up you tit

  3. AlexP May 14, 2016 at 1:35 pm #

    Well done nick I’m proud of you, at least you are fair enough to admit you hate all things positive and take up purely negative stance on all things we he for Arsenal for that matter. I am flabbergasted how you failed to notice a little insignificant fact that once more all the ‘big’ clubs have spent silly money last summer and winter while Arsenal spent less than £20mil and achieved a better position in premiere league table, so yes nick you are an arsen(e)al hater not a fan or supporter.

    Am I happy that we didn’t win the prem? Not at all. Am I angry with Wenger, nope, you know why, because this season proved agai. That we as a club are here to stay and also that nowadays nearly anyone can win this competition, by playing less games, having little to none injuries, getting most penalties in their favour and many other factors that you have conveniently failed to notice or mention.

    • Peter Ellis May 14, 2016 at 2:59 pm #

      Chelsea, City are changing their manager and united possibly too. Your argument is invalid. Good bye

    • Nick Birch May 15, 2016 at 6:56 am #

      The reason I criticise Arsene is because I want Arsenal to be successful.

      Your suggestion that I hate Wenger and Arsenal is laughable, I spend thousands of pounds every season going to all home games and as many away games as I can afford. I sing and get behind the players during games to the point where I am barely able to talk afterwards.

      I have always been respectful of Arsene too, I don’t insult or abuse him, I just no longer think he is the best man for the job.

      Your argument about the other big clubs is nonsense. Look at what Chelsea, United and City have won over the last decade compared to us. They will be very disappointed in this season, hence two of them appointing new managers for next season.

      Leicester had a lot of luck this season but their players fight harder than ours and are more organised than ours, a little fact that you have conveniently forgotten.

      My views on Wenger are based on years of repetitive mistakes, your argument to defend him is based on one season.

      You are entitled to your views but if I agreed with you then we would both be wrong….

  4. James Parkins May 14, 2016 at 1:44 pm #

    I except a good read when I read your articles and this did not disappoint, spot on as always. Nice touch about the away boys at the end too. Fair play.

  5. Brian Garrett May 14, 2016 at 2:53 pm #

    I’m flabbergasted at some of the wanker akb responses to this. Bang on the money Nick and don’t worry the deluded will fuck off when Wenger does.

  6. Peter Ellis May 14, 2016 at 2:57 pm #

    Typical akbs that think any honest view about arsehole wanker is vitriolic. It’s not its just the truth and these morons dont like to read it. I agree with every word fella. Don’t let the abuse get you down mate, none of the responses give any reasoned argument as usual and instantly resort to insults. Sod them all!

  7. Brendon Reader May 14, 2016 at 3:35 pm #

    As the responses from the akb show, they are simply incapable of offering a reasoned argument or holding a sensible debate. Idiots like Thenry telling you to fuck off to another club serves to prove just how brainwashed some of Wenger’s disciples are. The amusing thing is that they actually think you are likely to give a shit about what they say. I’m taking a wenger out banner tomorrow and i can assure you that if an akb lays a single finger on it in an attempt to pull it down, ill be putting them on their arse. There are many like me who have reached that point too. Wenger can go and take these prats with him.

  8. Jimmy Balantyne May 14, 2016 at 5:57 pm #

    We’ll see…

  9. Tim Hargreaves May 16, 2016 at 1:27 pm #

    Hi Nick. A good blog as always.

    Having admitted that SK has made funds available does not actually mean that funds are available though – for me, that is the biggest issue going into this off-season. It is my opinion that all of the KSE-controlled sports ventures are there to support the Rams and his land ownership/real estate activities (i.e. all are cash-rich so SK can secure cheaper loans for more land purchases by using the Clubs/franchises as collateral). However, I agree with everything else in your blog. Well said.

    I have zero faith in this Board to appoint anyone other than a Yes Man to replace Wenger when he does go and I think they will not allow Wenger to be involved in selecting his replacement.

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