Arsene Wenger, The Prince who became King and then failed to Abdicate

The Prince who would be King


Will Shakespeare once wrote in rhyme and high jinks

That the Fans they doth protest too much, me thinks

Fans driven to despair by a Prince who became King

In all but name, he controlled everything

It was eleven years hence I remember the hour

When Arsene the Prince had expanded his power


With Duke Dein in exile the Great Counsel did fret

That whilst a Palace was paid for the Empire would face debt

However, the Prince had assured them his army could stay

Close to its rivals and in European Fray

The Counsel so grateful handed the Prince the key

The key to the coffers of the Arsenal Treasury

The Prince was true to his word and up there Arsenal stayed

He saved coinage on transfers and the fans taxes were raised


Now six years had passed and The Prince’s passion still burned

The Counsel requested the Keys to the Treasury returned

Return to your troops and lead them they said

But sadly the power hand gone to his head

Get back to your troops and let us the Kingdom run

Yet the Prince would be King, the counsel undone

Even the Emperor watching from a far off land

Would not challenge the Prince, so his powers would stand


Powerful was he and whilst not yet deranged

What the Prince has not realised was that times they had changed

Whilst running the Kingdom his hand tight on the till

Other armies and Generals, had not been stood still

Yes, he had bought in new gladiators now spending the gold

But his methods were ancient whilst others were bold

The other leaders had gold too but their tactics were new

The Prince often outmanoeuvred knew not what to do

It was time to adapt and move with the times

Failure to do so might be seen as war crimes

A Prince who gave so much but had much reward

Must now contemplate to fall on his sword

The sword that once conquered and led the attack

Must now be laid down lest it end up in his back


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  1. And_Arsene_Said... February 27, 2017 at 6:21 am #

    get over your self!!!!

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