Wenger – If you are Criticising your Own Central Defence, you are Criticising Yourself

Self Criticising

7 days and counting…

Arsene’s quotes directly after our defeat to Stoke RUFC

“First we lose the ball in the middle of the park, and after that we gave them too much freedom at the back through the middle and basically gave them a goal.

You need to improve the connections with the players but I was not convinced by our central defence today.”

Arsene was ‘not convinced by our central defence today’, but surely that is his call.

The BFG was on the bench.

Why Arsene?


The Angel Gabriel was sold back to the Spanish mainland.


Holding was left holding Chambers back in the chambers.

Not even in squad???

So that left two left backs at the back, alongside a returning Mustafi and that left Arsene back in the dugout feeling flat.

Not playing centre backs at centre back and leaving them back in the sheds, is your decision, so basically you are criticising yourself and if you are not convinced by your own central defence or you do not trust the players you have on the books? Then it is up to you to sort it out.

There are players out there and now, they are going to cost a shed load, but that is what happens when you leave it this bloody late, again.

You can afford him

Get the cheque book / credit card / applepay out, get on the train to the South Coast and give the Saints whatever they want for Dick Van Dijk (club record or not, we can afford it) and let’s get some stability in the back 3, with centre backs playing centre back and so on…….

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4 Responses to Wenger – If you are Criticising your Own Central Defence, you are Criticising Yourself

  1. Geekaybee August 22, 2017 at 4:59 pm #

    Absolutely 100 percent correct. I think at the end of the last season somebody gave Wenger a ‘get out of jail’ card. But it’s turning out to be that Wenger mark two is worse than mark one.

  2. ranger August 22, 2017 at 5:26 pm #

    Never know how wenger can plan nacho at CB. Not especially when mertesacker and holding were on the bench.

  3. Dom August 22, 2017 at 6:28 pm #

    Really would be good to hear from some proper fans from time to time. The Arsenal anti Arsenal lot and the Wenger out Brigade should do the club proud and go and support the tinys 🙂

  4. Victor Thompson August 27, 2017 at 12:25 pm #

    Well said Steve. I have given up ( despite the temptation ) of ridiculing Wenger any more because nobody listens even though people like yourself make perfectly sensible critiques of his mistakes.

    The fact is that we are doomed to two more fruitless seasons in the Premiership. We shall get out of the habit of being in the Championship along with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Man Utd & City. Real, Barca and Bayern will especially miss us because it was a guaranteed win against us.

    If we are out of the big games for three years or more and there is no change in our attitude to buying the best players, then we may be doomed to developing a reputation as a “nearly club” where no top player will go because we do not have the impetus that Spurs have at present, in the form of a young vibrant team which is looking upwards. They of course are inferior to Arsenal in terms of income, but that is changing too with the efforts of Daniel Levi, so we will become the third best club in London instead of second behind Chelsea. We don`t have the money of Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd. or the big continentals but we have a first class stadium and site.

    I could repeat my agreement of many of the points in your article, but frankly they are so well made and so obvious, that it would be of no consequence. I do however say to the AW followers – do you honestly think that the above scenario is not going to happen? Are you content to see this once great club descend into mediocrity? What is your alternative? In 1996 to 2004, Chelsea and Man City were not big players on the scene, but they now make up 2 of the top 4 positions in the league which leaves Man Utd. who are also going to be top 4 finishers most seasons. That leaves Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton scrapping over the 4th place.

    When Arsene arrived here, we were double champions 5 years previously and we won the double with the nucleus of a top team, with the best defence in Europe. He added some stellar signings and we were
    “The Invincibles” in 2004. Competition now is stiffer and there are many top managers who are much more modern than he is especially tactically. All of these circumstances point to a dearth of success unless we obtain a new manager. In my view it is not being disloyal to say so. It is simply fact and to say otherwise and continue to follow a discredited and obstinate man is non-productive and frankly an endorsement of failure. Those of us who agree with this analysis are entitled to say that the “Negativity” we are accused of, rightly belongs to Wenger supporters.

    I accept the situation that he is here for two more years but I do not agree with it. That is also a fact. Two years from now, we may have a mountain to climb to get back to our Big Club status and we could be casting envious eyes at Spurs. Is that what you want?

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