Mesut – A Chicken and Egg Situation – It’s now down to you Mr. Ozil

Ozil denies stories

Ozil is in a chicken and egg situation. In the papers this morning he denies asking for £330k per week. No one has approached him from Arsenal since March, to discuss a new contract and he never told anyone that he wanted to go to Man United. It does appear that there have been no offers for him so the situation is that he has lost the love of the fans partly because of the above rumours which he denies, but more importantly, because of his performance on the field.

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There is no denying that he is sublimely talented. He receives the ball so well and finds spaces in tight positions when there were none, but he also loses the ball. He is easily brushed off and his efforts to regain the ball are feeble. He can`t be bothered to plug gaps in midfield which is strange because his metred runs are usually calculated as the highest on the pitch, so it is not laziness. He is a conundrum which the fans can`t seem to fathom. Lately his standard has definitely dropped and with his effortless skill, it looks worse than it probably is. Many fans think that he is not even worth what he is paid now, never mind the £330k he was rumoured to have demanded.

Mesut it’s over to you

The answer of course is for the player to find his game and up his performances so that the fans love him again. That is where the chicken and egg comes in. He is annoyed and upset with the situation which he is acutely aware of and the longer it festers, the worse he will get. The solution is in his hands. Buckle down and fight (an attribute which we lacked against Watford) and regain the adulation he first had when he arrived at Arsenal. His performances will restart the enthusiasm for him and he will be buoyed by their support.

Over to you Mr. Ozil.

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  1. chris October 21, 2017 at 12:13 pm #

    Ozil should only be picked for the home matches …… till January – then be sold for what we can still get.

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