Why Winning the Europa League may not be good for Arsenal

Europa Cup

I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here.

Firstly – let me acknowledge the benefits of winning the Europa League (otherwise known as Europe’s Tallest Dwarf Competition).

  • Winning a trophy
  • Winning a European Competition (albeit a bit of a joke competition)
  • Returning to Champions League football
  • Reaping rewards of CL football
  • Being more attractive to new signings
  • Giving Wenger an opportunity to leave on a ‘high’

It’s that last point that bugs me though… You see – if Arsenal does, somehow win the Europa League – I think that Wenger would use that success as leverage to see out the rest of his contract.

I don’t see the owners or the board having the balls to fire him immediately after his first European success. And I certainly don’t see Arsene stepping down of his own accord – as is hinted at in his recent BeIn interview.

So: what we then have to do is weigh up the pros of winning the tournament (as outlined above) against the cons of Wenger staying:

  • We have another season of Wenger trying to compete in the Premier League, when the results of this season clearly prove that he is unable to do so on any meaningful level.
  • Next season, we would then have to worry about Champions League football – and would not have the luxury of using a second string squad in Europe as we did this year, since the competition is that more intense. Arguably, our task at achieving Top 4 and re-qualifying for CL the year after next would be even tougher.
  • We have a number of players who seem reluctant to sign new contracts with the Club should the situation not change.
  • The friction between the fans and the manager, the manager and the management/board will be heightened.
  • A team that slides to mid-table because of coaching inefficiencies, while ‘competing’  – I use that word loosely: Bayern 10-2 Arsenal is not ‘competing’ – once again in the Champions League would cause even more haemorrhaging of match-day fans, and permanent long-term damage to the club would be inescapable.

Arsenal may have fortified its back-room staff, and there are people ini place to help ensure Arsenal’s future as a business – however there have been NO meaningful improvements in the place where it matters most: on the pitch.

We have changed personnel slightly, sure – but we have key players who are likely to move to greener pastures, we have no tactical stability, our best players are deteriorating rapidly, and more than anything else – Wenger and his coaching staff’s methods are at best, outdated and ineffectual – and at worst, stale and possibly detrimental to the talent that we have in our squad.

If we win the Europa League, we are just subscribing to a year of more suffering. Wenger’s hubris is his blindspot, and our downfall.

Lifting that trophy will just feed his arrogance, and unfortunately I don’t see the Club stepping in to fire him and put us out of his misery.

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5 Responses to Why Winning the Europa League may not be good for Arsenal

  1. Mur hudu foxx ommok March 29, 2018 at 8:53 am #

    Why don’t you stop writing bullshit articles like these and maybe people will start to give a fuck about your

    • Dave Seager March 29, 2018 at 9:00 am #

      Charmimg. Every article is written by different authors however so no need to generalise

    • Batmandela March 29, 2018 at 11:19 am #

      Why don’t you stop making comments on articles that you don’t comprehend – nobody gives a fuck about your opinion. I certainly don’t.

  2. marblehalls tv March 29, 2018 at 3:32 pm #

    we’ve only ever won two European trophies. i want it, and nothing wrong in us winning it. the lillywhite scum have still won more than us in Europe, that’s not on.

  3. Victor Thompson March 29, 2018 at 6:18 pm #

    I want it. It would get us into the championship and it would be another trophy for the good ship Arsenal as she sails along with the dignity of a champion again. The issue of choosing between not winning it and thereby hastening the demise of Wenger, is not a credible excuse for not wanting it.

    Long after Wenger has gone, I hope to see Arsenal FC sailing along with her battle honours on view, and I want the Euro League to be one of them.

    I do agree that we have been leaking below the waterline by the lack of good world class coaching and that has to be addressed ASAP otherwise Arsenal will always be a leaky vessel.Have you ever stood on the stern of a cruise ship at night and watched the ribbon of moonlight glittering behind the Ocean Liner? I like to think of a silvery ribbon trailing behind our ship with all her victories embroidered on it. I want to see the ribbon grow longer and the victories to be of global importance. That is what Arsenal FC deserves and what I hope to see.

    The current malaise and the dissolution of the Wenger years will be behind her soon and calmer waters will prevail.

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