Will He Stay Or Will He Go? Ramsey’s Arsenal Future Analysed

Aaron Ramsey – Is the club at fault? Or is it him?


One of his greatest Arsenal moments


Aaron Ramsey is a player I respect a lot.

He’s not a legend in my eyes – don’t get me wrong, he’s clearly not rubbish.

But then he hasn’t done it consistently. This is for me my definition of a legend. Wright (my favourite all-time Arsenal player), Henry, Bergkamp, Seaman, etc. were all consistent season in season out. Ramsey hasn’t, bar his stand-out 13/14 season.

However, I do want him to stay. And we ultimately don’t, as fans, know what is going on. It’s either that he has signed, or he wants to. Or he may leave in January, or at the end of his contract.

With this in mind, I believe fans are jumping the gun a bit.

The club is dithering

How do we know this is true? Either Mislintat and Sanhelli are not as competent as we’ve been led to think, or they are working with Ramsey. Unless one is Ramsey or his agent, or Mislintat/Sanhelli, or Gazidis for that matter, then nobody else knows what is going on.

Gazidis himself killed in large part the ITK crowd. So unless one is truly ITK, then there is no way to know. Contract negotiations are pretty much confidential – naturally. So again….we just don’t know.

Dithering?? Who knows?

Dithering?? Who knows?

The Alexis/Ozil issues perhaps were overblown

About this time last year, we had the exact situation with Alexis and Ozil.

I would propose though that the club didn’t mess the situation up.

There is a rumour, which has never been substantiated by Wenger (even though he’s not here anymore….), Gazidis, or Sanchez himself, that Alexis was willing to re-sign. However, the defeats to Bayern in the Champions League, and the draw to Bournemouth turned his head irrecoverably, and he wanted to leave.

Image result for alexis sanchez wenger

Alexis left a few months before Wenger did

He almost went to City on the last day of the transfer window in 2017 but had no choice but to stay. He scored some goals, notably vs. Spurs, though he departed to Man United in January 2018.

So if the rumour was accurate, and he didn’t want to stay, then what could the club do?

Yes, Wenger said numerous times that he’s not for sale. But Klopp did the same thing at Liverpool – vis á vis Coutinho.

And Coutinho is now a Barca player.

It’s about sometimes playing the game, and this was to bolster confidence, even if it was a frank lie.

He left Die Mannschaft…but he stayed with us

Ozil is different, of course, since he’s still here.

And the club must have negotiated with him, and like most big contracts it is a lengthy process.

Note, that we’ve also secured new deals for:

  • Iwobi
  • Chambers
  • Bellerin
  • Elneny
  • Holding
  • Nelson
Image result for rob holding new contract

Holding holding down at Arsenal….

So our contract negotiation process is not that terrible.

I believe we need to have faith in the club. Yes, the narrative is about how things are changing, both on and off the pitch. But even badly run institutions often do something right, and nothing in life is ever completely good or bad.

Opinions differ on Ozil’s value on the team. Though most acknowledge his pedigree and technical ability, and it’s a statement that we retained him. So the club must be commended in this respect.

My own view on the Ramsey situation is that he will stay. There are not many other top teams that need a player of his skillset. City don’t, for sure. The best option I can think of is Chelsea, and Real Madrid and Barca don’t need him. Bayern or Juve? Possibly, but moot again.

Friends and national team teammates…Real Madrid teammates?

I want him to stay – but we need to step back and not jump to baseless conclusions. A lack of public activity or statements (on an inherently private matter and negotiation) doesn’t mean the club isn’t doing anything. It also doesn’t mean Ramsey doesn’t want to sign. There could be valid reasons why. Maybe he wants to stay, but there is a clause or bonus that he wants to negotiate. I imagine he got a bonus (and rightly so) for the Cup final wins. Possibly even for the winning goals, who knows? If he scores another cup final winner this season, or in coming seasons, maybe he would want a bigger bonus?

Again, we just don’t know.

Let’s enjoy the ride – it’s a new season, a new head coach, new tactics and staff, and new players. Let things we cannot control nor influence get the better of us.

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3 Responses to Will He Stay Or Will He Go? Ramsey’s Arsenal Future Analysed

  1. Arthur September 6, 2018 at 8:45 am #

    Pointless article. You have no idea, I have no idea. All speculation.

  2. Devlin September 6, 2018 at 9:30 am #

    Hahahaha….. Ramsey at Real? You must be joking. He is good at Arsenal because Wenger gave him free reign. No discipline, no playmaking ability, not good enough technically and no positional sense. He will not find a team better than Arsenal that will pay him more and play him regularly. If I was the club’s negotiator, I would relax and let life show him his true worth.

  3. Victor Thompson September 10, 2018 at 9:53 am #

    I want Ramsey to stay too. I agree that he is not world class, but he is actually quite consistent. His attitude is always to work hard and he is prepared to run his socks off. However the snag is that the end product is inconsistent because in some games he can`t seem to control the ball. He loses it quite easily as he did in the Wales v ROI game when he gifted a goal to ROI.

    When he is on song, he can lift a team and he has done that many times. I think he is an honest quality player but not a really top class one. He came to Arsenal as a young lad and although he blossomed, Wenger was not a good enough coach to polish his ball skills.

    Unless a top club has already tapped him, I think that those who would be after him are those which are roughly of the same status as Arsenal. That rules out Barca, Real, Bayern, PSG, Man U & Man City. I would not rule out Liverpool or Chelsea. He is particularly the Liverpool type. The fans and Klopp love 100% effort and Klopp would iron out his weaknesses.

    I can`t see him doing better in any other club, so the odds are that he will stay.

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