Mike Dean is the Referee v Sheffield United – Bad News for Gunners?

I think it is save to say that Arsenal fans do not have a soft spot for Mike Dean.

The experienced match official has a reputation for being a tad trigger happy with his cards and Arsenal a suffered a few decisions that we might have thought harsh or debatable.

Of course, his much discussed ‘goal celebration’ at a Spurs goal, whilst actually officiating the match was hardly likely go down well in the red and white side of North London.


That celebration

However, might the reality actually be different?

Is Dean being appointed to Sheffield v Arsenal on Monday perhaps not such bad news for The Gunners?

Our Friends at UREf prepare superb info graphics ahead of each match and will do so after as well. You can check their insights our on the URef App but here is the real picture for supporters concerned that Dean is our ref!



It seems his reputation for being the card king is well founded but……

Until after the match – COYG!


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One Response to Mike Dean is the Referee v Sheffield United – Bad News for Gunners?

  1. John October 20, 2019 at 12:27 pm #

    Interesting stuff. Pretty shocking that the record is that good with Mike Dean reffing! Let’s hope the good form continues..

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