Hoping Arteta has the patience for the rebuild project and does not rely on the ‘Over-Hyped’ Arsenal kids


Needs patience

I am afraid I am not entirely in agreement with the current positivity on our club. We have just completed two very shaky matches against Aston Villa and Watford. There was very little evidence of the dedication or talent I have seen described in recent Gunners Town blogs. 3- 0 up against the second worst team in the Premiership, with a geriatric centre forward and we end up sneaking off with a 3-2 win!

I wish that Arteta would take an objective view of his players and realise that Cedric has no redeeming assets that would make him into a decent right back. Nketiah will reach his peak soon, but hopefully not at Arsenal. He is fast on the run, but he is not efficient at goal scoring. Nelson looks as if he has talent, but he rarely shows it at Premier League level. Young Saka is the genuine article, but he is getting burnt out by playing too many games in a row. At his tender years this overplaying will affect him. Willock is just not good enough! Willian is around 10 years older than him, yet I would bet that he covers more ground than him during a match and he perpetually runs and harasses opposition defences and scores a fair share of the goals. He is what Willock should aspire to be.


Not good enough

Luiz has now gifted 5 penalties since he came to us, but we have not scored 5 goals from passes supplied by him which would counter-balance those mistakes. He did play to the level we expect against Liverpool and Man City, but he was useless against Aston Villa and Watford. Maitland Niles is a very competent player who is a safer defender than Bellerin, yet he is rumoured to be up for sale!


AMN – Better defender

I dread to think what is going to happen when Chelsea are our opposition next week. They are well set up and their whole team is organised to run fast and to press for the ball all over the pitch. They pass the ball accurately on the run so they will not leave any empty spaces for our men to dither while deciding their next move. We have talented players but unfortunately they want to stroll through the game and if they can pass the ball to a colleague it doesn`t matter if it is backwards or sideways as long as it finds an Arsenal shirt.

Arteta is an intelligent man and it hasn`t taken him very long to realise that he has a much harder job than he anticipated. I hope he has the patience to stay with us and correct the mismanagement that we have suffered from for the last 12 years

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2 Responses to Hoping Arteta has the patience for the rebuild project and does not rely on the ‘Over-Hyped’ Arsenal kids

  1. Colin Searle July 27, 2020 at 5:58 pm #

    I pretty much agree with everything you wrote here. I certainly agree that we should not burn out Saka by playing him too often because he is a real gem. I also really rate Maitland-Niles and think he deserves more game time, he is also one to keep.

    I agree that some of our young players are a bit over-hyped but I also think that it is in the nature of young players to be a bit inconsistent as they have a lot to learn. I still have high hopes for Nketiah and also Willock so would certainly look to continue to integrate them in the team and hang onto them for a few more years.

    I am not really sure about Nelson, he has not really done anything to impress me but he still has some potential so I would keep him too. He may benefit from a bit more game time to build up his confidence, I think he needs to be pushed to make or break his Arsenal career.

    We also have Tierney who is a fantastic player, and will be an Arsenal legend if he stays long enough. We also have Martinelli who will be a superstar in a few years, for sure, and I just hope we can hang onto him for many years to come.

  2. Victor Thompson July 28, 2020 at 11:58 pm #

    Thank you Colin. I am not saying that Willock or Nketiah are, not talented players. I actually said that they are but whether it was the coaching they got or maybe it is just the lack of experience that stops them from being the players we need. Cedric is not in the same bracket as those players. Unfortunately he has no sense of understanding his role and how to play He is a run of the mill full back who might be better suited to West Ham or Watford. Tierney is a great example of what an Arsenal player is expected to be. If you add Luis, Torreira and Kolisinac to the is clear that we need replacements ASAP.

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