In Footballing Terms Arteta has decided to build a system around Aubameyang not Ozil – Simples!

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Auba is Arteta’s man, not Ozil

So much has been written already about the Mesut Ozil situation,  much of it, agenda driven and most of it speculation. I can promise no agenda in my own views other than a footballing one. I will say however that however much I applaud his work for charity, his defence of the oppressed and his laudable stance on human rights, I equally find his use of social media, to snipe at his employer irritating.  He may well have good cause to feel aggrieved in his place of work but the correct way to air such grievances is privately with his line manager, so to speak. This latter trait I doubt has served him well as we have reached the current impasse.

The impasse being that Ozil has not been selected for either Europa League or Premier League duties for his club. Had the club managed to sell or loan two more overseas registered players he may well have been but sadly that was not the case, so he and Sokratis are the two who are to miss out.

sokratis watford 2019

Surplus too

Now obviously the squad needs 8 players deemed homegrown which means Chambers, thought not yet fully fit was always going to be included, but this, in my opinion leaves us seriously overweight in central defenders. Even without Sokratis the squad has 6 central defenders and if playing a back three, you can add Tierney and Kolasinac as left central players. With this being the case the inclusion of Mustafi, a player also not fit, who the club were willing to loan or sell in the window, ahead of Mesut, makes little footballing sense.

We all know the current regime regret the huge contract and weekly wage bestowed upon the German playmaker and would love to see that drain off the wage bill. We also know that Ozil is happy to sit out his contract. I do not begin to comprehend why such a talented player with one more good contract in him, and more money than he could ever spend, would rather train and watch than play but it is his decision. Given the situation therefore, that Arsenal contractually must pay his salary, to not at least have him available seems to be a foolhardy cutting off of the nose, despite the face move.


From skipper to missing

Personally, despite all the antagonism, seemingly present between player and club and perhaps manager and player, we are a club in business to win football matches. That accepted, I know who I would prefer to see come of the bench with 20 minutes to go and push for an equaliser or winner. I will give you a clue that player does not have a Christian name of Joe or Mo!

In conclusion therefore, I would much rather have seen room made for Ozil in both squads, at the expense of Mustafi, or even Mari, whichever is furthest from fitness. The German may never be a starter for Arteta, but his experience and talent might have proved valuable in the short-term. However, in a pure footballing sense, in the longer term I wholeheartedly agree with our manager that Mesut Oil is not the future and, in all probability, will not fit into his plans.


A 2020/21 Playmaker

I have long held the believe that the traditional style of passing visionary 10 that our enigmatic German was, has less of a place in the modern game.  All teams need a creative midfielder but more now one who can create with more than just gifted passing, but also by beating a man with a trick, a dribble or even physicality. That is not to say modern coaches will not build a tam around one creative genius, but that player is seldom a central 10. You think of Hazard from the left at Chelsea, Grealish given a free role at present from the left, and even Everton building a team to get the best from James this season.  Sadly, for Ozil the player Arteta is building his team around is Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, and this is unlikely to change any time soon.


Imperious at Old Trafford (Thanks D Price AFC/Getty)

I believe that Ozil could have dropped deeper and played very effectively in a midfield three. I think my favourite Mesut performance was alongside Cazorla and just ahead of Coquelin, in what I recall as a 4141, that wonderous night at Old Trafford in the FA Cup Quarter Final in 2015. However, Arteta or the club, or both have made their decision and the fans will have to accept it. It is the correct decision for Arteta’s medium to long-term strategy but in my humble view an unnecessary short-term one.

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4 Responses to In Footballing Terms Arteta has decided to build a system around Aubameyang not Ozil – Simples!

  1. allezkev October 23, 2020 at 11:02 am #

    I didn’t see this as I switched on late Dave, so I could miss all the prematch BS, but I understand that Jake Humphrey’s the BT Sport presenter after commenting on some Ozil tweets before kick off, invited him into the BT studios for next Thursdays games as a pundit…

    As far as I know Ozil didn’t respond, but it’s quite a worrying development.

    Your thoughts?

    • Dave Seager October 23, 2020 at 11:43 am #

      I did not see the pre or post waffle either mate. Doubt he will come on TV. Guy is digging a deep hole for himself, not just with our fans and club but in a wider sense. I am sure many have sympathy with the way he has been treated but most of us in his shoes would just want to go elsewhere, play the game (he supposedly) loves and endeavour to prove Arsenal wrong.

  2. allezkev October 23, 2020 at 1:04 pm #

    Thanks for that Dave, agree with all of it.

    Also I’ve heard, and I wonder you’ve heard this, that after Arsenal beat Leicester in the League Cup that Nelson was upset at being left out of the next team to play Liverpool in the league and voiced his objections quite loudly and that’s why he’s been on the naughty step for a few game. Any truth in this do you know or more BS…?

    • Dave Seager October 25, 2020 at 11:54 am #

      Will try and find out.

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