The Five Stages of Grief; Me, Myself and I to Comfortably Numb

It’s been an emotional few weeks and my advice is to find some music to work your way through the 5 stages of grief until the six pointer against Norwich in two weeks time.

1. Denial and Isolation – Me, Myself and I – De La Soul


When denial kicks in, everything loses meaning, everything becomes overwhelming, everything shuts down and isolation becomes the coping mechanism to avoid reminders of the real truth, The Arsenal are not very good at the moment.


2. Anger – Killing in The Name Of – Rage Against The Machine

When the reality dawns on you and the anger kicks in.

Angry at the ones who have put us in this position.

Angry at ourselves for being in this situation.

Angry at the world, because The Arsenal are not very good at the moment.


3. Bargaining – Yesterday – The Beatles

When the anger subsides, the bargaining starts.

What can we trade to bring back what is lost.

What if we did this, what if we’d only done that.

We start thinking back to times when The Arsenal were much better than they are at the moment.


4. Depression – This Is A Low – Blur

When the bargaining ends the depression begins.

The loss becomes too much, the weight of sadness becomes to great and we begin to realise that The Arsenal are not very good at the moment.



5. Acceptance – Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

Accepting the new reality is hard.

Accepting the new norm is difficult.

Finally we admit that the world is different, finally we find away to live in the altered reality where, The Arsenal are not very good (at the moment).

But remember……………


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