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It’s official, aliens have abducted Adrian Durham – TalkSport take action!

The management team at TalkSport have had to sack Adrian Durham, after it came to light that he had been abducted by aliens and replaced by a shape shifter from Rigel 7. Live on air, ‘Durham’ announced that; “Not enough is being said about Arsenal. It’s about time I gave Arsenal some credit!” At this […]

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Exclusive Excerpt from TalkSport Monday Planning Meeting on pending Aubameyang Contract Announcement

Durham on his Anti Arsenal Soapbox….Again Monday morning and it’s TalkSh!tes weekly team meeting. Alan Brazil is chairing this week’s meeting and he tables the agenda:   Item 1: What controversies can we stir up this week? Item 2: Who’s doing the coffee run today? End of meeting   As usual Durham is the first […]

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“The Invincibles is a Myth” – Leaked Talksh!te Transcript

Leaked Talksh!te Transcript  My inside source at Talksh!te sent me this the other day. He was recording everyone’s favourite idiot – Adrian Durham’s – ‘live’ phone in, when someone rang in to talk about Liverpool’s defeat to Watford and the end of their unbeaten run. — Caller: So Adrian, is it time to accept that […]

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Exclusive Transcript of last weeks Talksport weekly programming meeting – Yes the one that caused Durham Rant!!

It is Talksport’s weekly programming meeting & everyone is at a bit of a loss. Cundy pipes up, “Look guys, it’s the interlull, England don’t play until Thursday and I’m at a loss. What are we gonna discuss? We haven’t caused an outrage for weeks and frankly, it’s killing me.” Andy Gray, who is hanging […]

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Revenge is sweet! Thrashing Liverpool wins the day.

TBIF! Thumping Liverpool this week’s highlight – but this banana skin could ruin our season…

TBIF – The Weekly Gunners Town Crew Review Friday The 10th April, 2015 Welcome to Thank Bergkamp It’s Friday – where members of the Gunners Town writing team gather to take a look at the Arsenal week that’s just passed. It’s a simple format, really – each week, a smattering of our eclectic scribes will select a HERO, a VILLAIN, a HIGHLIGHT, and a LOWLIGHT from […]

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Why do the English Media despise Arsenal as much as they do whilst admiring others who are genuinely failing?

Everyone has the right to give their opinions, they are allowed to talk about it, to write about it and to share their thoughts to people in any way, be it a respectful way. Football in England is still, no doubt one of the best to watch in the world. The rivalry, the tenacity, the […]

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Exclusive Transcript of Talksport weekly programming meeting for Adrian Durham Drive show

It’s Talksports weekly meeting & everyone is at a bit of a loss.  Durham pipes up; “Look guys, the season is over, transfer window is still shut & World Cup is a couple of weeks away. What are we gonna discuss? I haven’t laid into Arsenal for over a week now & frankly, it’s killing […]

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