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Angry Twitter

Arsenal on Twitter: Twisted and Bitter – time for change

This comes from my heart, Gooners: Arsenal Twitter deserves to be shut down. Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been really quiet and didn’t write anything for some time, as well as not interacting much – if at all – on social media; I’m not protesting, boycotting or anything like that, I’m just […]

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Napoleon Wenger

If Napoleon Wenger truly loves Arsenal, he’ll do the right thing

Marble Halls has written a very good article in Gunners Town which I recommend our readers to read. I was going to respond to the article as a reply but there are many issues raised in it that I think are better set out as an article in response to his. I don`t think anyone would disagree […]

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Where is your other had Jim?

Not ‘AKB’ or ‘WOB’ the new Fashionable Gunner Acronym is ‘MA’ – Get on that Fence

DB’s Season Dairy is back Well, that’s another transfer window done and dusted then. It was a bit of a weird one really seeing as for most of it, it seemed we were in for the meltdown of all meltdowns, then we signed a couple of players before the Sky Sports sponsored Transfer Deadline Day […]

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DOPE - Arséne Wenger | ©2016 @invinciblog |

Exclusive – the Wenger pic to unite all Arsenal fans #AKB and #WOB

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more divisive character in modern football than current Arsenal boss, Arséne Wenger. Despite being the club’s most successful manager, there are those that would rather see the back of him than endure another Top 4 finish and another year of Champions League football. Wenger seems to have turned the club motto […]

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Henry critical of Wenger

Time to ‘Stand by by your Man’ – Open letter to Angry Gooners.

Dear Fellow Gunners If in recent years you have associated yourself with the vigorous anti-Wenger brigade then yesterdays defeat by Liverpool will have reinforced your commitment to the cause that Wenger must leave Arsenal FC as soon as possible. I hasten to add this is not my view for reasons that appear below but if […]

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Time for  Change protest

To be or not to be a Gooner. That is the question.

We are all aware of the ever widening chasm between the “Arsene stay” and the “Arsene out” brigade. It has now descended into violent confrontation and I have seen a comment on Twitter where a supporter`s daughter was punched in the face by a “Wenger stay” supporter. The aftermath of the Man City game was […]

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IMAGINE there’s No Arsenal Twitter, it’s easy if you try – John Lennon

Imagine Imagine there’s no Twitter No great fan divide No Wenger out call, No need to pick a side Imagine all the Gooners Living for the game Imagine there’s no Giroud No striker to vilify Nothing to rant or rage for And no reason to cry Imagine all the Gooners Living for the game You […]

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All gone wrong

Extremes of AKB and WOB make Arsenal fans a laughing stock

We welcome back of our founder writers at Gunners Town – Darren Wright with a sanitised version, that will make Newsnow (less sweary bits) of a piece that he posted on his own personal blog Let’s have it right, the terms AKB or WOB are a complete utter and total embarrassment. Whenever I stick my […]

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Agree to disagree

Ozil Blames himself and his team mates whilst Wenger shifts responsibility to the Fans and everyone else

It would be fair to suggest that with FA Cup semi-finals to look forward to, Everton and Watford’s focus lies elsewhere and following Mesut Ozil’s comments regarding the team ‘screwing up’ our title chances this season, it is perhaps no coincidence that in the last two games, our form has significantly improved. After all, it […]

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The Good, the Bad and the BOLACS – The new need to know about Arsenal acronym

Darren’s New Year Special Season Diary – BELIEVE in 2015 Ok, it may be a little late for a New Year’s Special, but as you will probably have people wishing you a happy new year until mid-February I think we can let that slide, don’t you? January – What a fucking depressing time of year […]

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