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Caused a stir

Ozil Sipping Tea upsets the Anti-Arsenal Sixth form Journalists – Oh Dear!

Good morning. I’m not sure if it’s escaped people’s attention but the Arsenal media team appear to have upset the media. Scene: Daily Mail troll writes an article claiming no Arsenal players would get in a combined XI. Fine. Nonsense, but absolutely within rights to say that. Arsenal dominate Spurs and the PR team posts […]

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Petr Cech’s first day at Arsenal – Official Video

An Arsenal Media film of Petr Cech’s first day with the club… [youtube_advanced url=”″ width=”560″ height=”320″ rel=”no”] —- Special thanks to Arsenal Media for supplying Gunners Town with the clip. invinciblogI was eleven-and-a-half. My family had just emigrated from Rhodesia to South Africa. All the kids on my street supported United or Liverpool, because of […]

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Petr Cech – first official interview as an Arsenal player – Video and Transcript

[youtube_advanced url=”” width=”560″ height=”320″ rel=”no”]   Petr, welcome to Arsenal. How does it feel to have signed for the club? It is exciting. I first came to the Premier League a long time ago and I still love playing in the Premier League and the challenges it poses with the great players and great teams […]

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