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The Wenger Legacy in Quotes: The Best Words In Praise of Arsene

As a child, I had no knowledge of Arsenal Football Club. Spoiled for choice, the allocation of my sporting heart was split between my favorite collegiate and professional baseball, basketball, football, and hockey teams. Playing Fifa in my mid-teens provided the initial exposure, but almost non-existent Premier League media coverage meant I could not become […]

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A replacement of the Guardiola ilk wouldn't need Wenger to be upstairs

Does Arséne have Pep in his Step?

They hang over us like a cloak of impending doom: big games against our top-of-the-table rivals which have given Gooners little joy in recent years. Many cite the reasons for our shortcomings as style of play only being conducive to beating bottom half teams, lack of tactical flexibility, or even lack of overall quality/team depth. […]

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Then and now

Is Arsene Wenger the answer or is Arsenal, Arsene Wenger’s answer? – A Picture of Legend who cannot let go

 I have placed this wonderful heartfelt article in Victor’s column. Howver the author is Victor’s son. also named Victor – Over to Victor Junior with his: ‘Confessions of an Arsenist’ As we enter Arsene Wenger’s twenty-first year at the helm of Arsenal Football Club, the glories of times gone by have become all too distant […]

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Hi Arséne – God Calling… A Day In The Life of Wenger

Arsene is sitting in his office after a hard day’s training, which is getting easier these days as he doesn’t have to keep calling the doctors to deal with Jack, when his phone rings. “Hi Arsene, God here. How are things?” “Not too bad, son. Long time no hear!!” “Yeah, sorry – been a bit […]

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Messi February

Little Bit Handbrake : A Forgettable Messi February

With work related travel taking up a huge part of the last three weeks, I’ve been unable to post my column per my usual schedule. In a way, I count this as a blessing in disguise. It has shielded me from what has been such a toxic and painful month for Arsenal and Arsenal fans […]

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Liverpool’s English stars make a miraculous recovery!!!

Actual football returns as we take on Liverpool at the Emirates in what is probably the most important game during the run-in. Win, and we open a nine-point gap on the Mugmashers and maintain at least a seven-point one on Spurs and Southampton. However, Liverpool is a dangerous team to play right now, exactly because […]

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