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Santi Cazorla 07

Balancing Arsenal for a zero balance – how to get the Gunners firing for free

Balancing Arsenal for a zero balance  Arsenal do have a squad of good players. Arsenal do have a few very good players. Arsenal do have a large cluster of highly promising young players. Arsenal don’t have a modern, athletic, balanced group. I’ve had a go at reforming our squad below and made an exciting discovery. Firstly, here […]

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Build Your Arsenal 2020/21 Squad: 9 in, 9 out, £30M budget (plus sales)

Build your Arsenal 20/21 squad! What if you were the decision maker this summer? Sell Bellerin or trust him to find his game? Patience with Guendouzi or cash in to find a different profile? Lacazette was player of the year 18/19. Sell one year later? Spend most of your money on Jadon Sancho or find […]

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Gunners get out of jail, Pre-Match Meltdowns and Gary Lineker is a t.t – Two weeks in the life of an Arsenal Fan

DB’s Season Diary – Part 2 Right then, there’s been a whole lot of Arsenal going on since we last spoke, so I think the best thing is to do what Wayne Rooney does when he sees a Post Office queue on pension day and just get stuck straight into it…… Last week saw us […]

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Ospina v PSG

No more Slow Motion Football Wenger – Time for Blood and Thunder to replace Luck and Blunder

What I took from the PSG match. I was mystified when I saw the team selection. No Xhaka, No Giroud. Ospina for Cech? At the weekend I assumed that Xhaka was not selected because he was being saved for this match. The same applied to Giroud and I could not believe that Wenger would repeat […]

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Defending Ollie: He’s not the best of the best, but the best we can afford.

I’m not really sure what to make of Ryan’s blog that was up earlier. I’ll delve briefly into the reasons why we didn’t win that match against Liverpool and, in general, a defense of Olivier Giroud. This blog will be quite long, so please bear with me. Of course, this is all my opinion. There […]

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