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Thomas Partey

Arteta’s Arsenal: A promising team in need of a tweak in the middle

Arteta’s Arsenal: A promising team in need of a tweak in the middle Our midfield needs surgery, but our defence and attack can be left alone in the summer transfer window. We can survey the wreckage left by former manager Unai Emery for Arteta to rescue Arsenal and save the team from a relegation battle […]

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An ode to Lucas Torreira, the little engine that could

Occam’s Razor is the philosophical principle that the simplest solution to any problem is usually the correct one. For Arsenal, that problem – perhaps their longest standing of many – has been the inability to field a consistently competent and sturdy midfield. It has been some 10 years since Gilberto Silva departed North London and […]

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Francis Coquelin

Coquelin officially leaves Arsenal: Another young gunner who never fulfilled his potential under Wenger

Yesterday’s London derby against Chelsea in the first leg of the Carabao Cup provided very little in terms of action but the post-match press conference left many Arsenal fans’ tongues wagging. The topic on everyone’s lips was the departure of Francis Coquelin to Valencia. The departure of Francis Coquelin represents the departure of another promising […]

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Can the Gunners halt the high-flying Eagles? – Crystal Palace preview

We visit Selhurst Park today, in an attempt to right the wrongs of the last meeting between the two sides. There’s also the small matter of Arsenal winning just one of their last five league games: a slender 1-0 victory over Newcastle. Crystal Palace, followed by West Brom, will cap off this calendar year and […]

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Wenger has never been a fan of the Europa League

Koln 1-0 Arsenal: Wenger sentenced to continued Europa Purgatory

We knew that few if any of the team which beat Spurs would be playing and that is what we got. I used to banter my Spurs supporter friend that Spurs were playing in “The Losers Cup” when they regularly played in it, whilst we were in the “Proper Cup” for top teams. We couldn`t […]

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EFC vs AFC 2.0

Coquelin back in with Xhaka and Ramsey pushed up with Alexis behind Lacazette?

  It’s the visit to the Merseyside today on the cards for the Gunners, pinning Arsene Wenger’s men against Ronald Koeman’s blue outfit. Everton is generally a tough team play, they have become uncomfortable opponents during the David Moyes era, but facing them under the stewardship of Ronald Koeman is even less appealing. Of the […]

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Middle-aged Wenger must abandon ‘hip’ back 3

Abandon the Back Three Arséne’s foray into a back 3 has always felt a bit like a 57-year-old man buying a Porsche. Everything he tried and had always done just wasn’t quite working anymore. So, he looked at all his hip young fellow managers and effectively just copied them. And it started to work, he […]

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The Arsenal Midfield Problem -It’s not Personnel, It’s Philosophy

Slightly obsessed is how you can describe my association with the Arsenal midfield dynamic over the last few years. I’ve written many articles about partnerships and steps to take in order to achieve balance. In my opinion, this issue is bigger than simply players that are deployed or who we can sign in a transfer […]

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‘The Top 5 Vital Goals Arsenal Conceded that Could have been Avoided with 3-4-2-1’

Maybe it’s the warmer weather, increased sun exposure, the fact they will no longer have to train with the likes of Sanogo much longer, or whatever it may be, Arsenal always seems to to end a season strong. Arsene Wenger receives a lot of criticism for his lack of adaptability and in-game management, but let’s […]

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Frenchies sign up for Arsenal

Arsenal keeps its French Connection alive as 3 key players pen deals

Rejoice, Gooners, our key players have renewed their contracts! No, I’m not talking about either Mesut Özil or Alexis Sánchez as their new contracts are still up in the air and there’s no sign either they will pen new deals anytime soon. There’s a huge debate ongoing about what the Club should do to keep […]

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