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Exclusive tales from the Arsenal Treatment Room with Matthieu and Mikel- Unbelievable!!

  So, as we approach the final throes of the transfer window, we’ve actually gone and signed a CB (that’s what they’re officially called now – the acronyms have completely taken over…) in the form of Gabriel Paulista from Villarreal. Arsene had already thrown a total curveball in his Friday presser and admitted that negotiations […]

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Brighton, Tactics and not getting carried away cos Villa may not score but they don’t concede either!

Captain’s Log, Star-date 1,0,7,9 point 2. Does anyone know whose time measurement this actually is? Having survived my first sexual experience with the Klingon, (I can’t pronounce her name so I’m gonna call her Shirley) she’s now challenged me to a Bach-Ta! I thought I’d check what it was with Uhura this time. It turns out […]

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