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Will we see this again?

Do Arsenal have enough to win the title next season? No so what do they need?

    Without a shadow of a doubt, Arsenal play better football than anybody else in the Premier League. We know it, they know it – it’s a fact. However, free-flowing, attractive football doesn’t guarantee titles. It is now time for Arsene Wenger and the board to stand up and be counted: we need to […]

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Proof that Mike Dean is an Anti-Arsenal Spud and further proof that Mourinho is a Cnut

Penny for your thoughts? Whatever anyone says about Mike Dean, both reds were reds. Angel Gabriel shouldn’t have let Costa get under his skin and he should have been cleverer about his retribution (talk to Keown) and not undertaken a minor Beckham in front of the ref 2 seconds after getting a yellow. As for Santi’s, […]

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Sanchez and Ramsey

No Welbeck No Worries – Arsenal’s striking options if Giroud is not to be Plan A.

Transfer window woes Less than a day after the transfer window slammed shut with Arsenal failing to make any further purchases, a statement regarding Danny Welbeck’s health was issued on the official website. Unfortunately, the news was far from heartwarming, as it turned out Danny’s injury required surgery. a surgery which took place during the […]

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Taming the Beast in the North East and the Transfer window slams shut – The Arsenal Week

Newcastle It was tough going against a resilient Newcastle side on Saturday. In the end, our top striker Own Goal came to the rescue. As long as we can keep him fit we’ll be in with a chance of winning the big trophies this season. On a more serious note, the two own goals that […]

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Dear Deluded Jenny?

EXCLUSIVE – The Definitive Guide to be an Arsenal Fan during the Transfer Window

Happy New Season, everyone! Not quite the start we wanted at home to West Ham, all that optimism after a great pre-season, and the feeling that this could be “our year” killed stone dead after a home defeat in the first game of the season. At 1.30pm we were in the best position we had […]

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5 Questions to arise from Premier League Game Week 1

Does Pre-season mean anything? You can beat everyone who’s put in front of you during pre-season, even your biggest rivals (eventually) but if you believe the hype and don’t turn up at the big show, it means nothing !! You can beat everyone who’s put in front of you during pre-season, even your biggest rivals […]

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Why Benzema is the perfect final Piece to the Arsenal Jigsaw

Rumours of Benzema joining seem to be growing by the day and whilst I am sceptical of how valid all of this may be, I’m quite excited by the prospect. I have to say that there’s not a single striker in Europe more suitable to our needs right now than Benzema. This doesn’t mean he’s […]

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World Class Striker? You’re having a laugh.

Another brilliant post from Gunners Town guest writer @petitsponytail. Be sure to follow him on Twitter… — World class striker? You’re having a laugh Every day since this Godforsaken painstaking transfer window opened all I’ve seen is people calling for this mythical world class striker. It’s quite simple, my fellow Gooners – there’re only six […]

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Arsenal lift the Emirates Cup

The Ox and Ramsey impress; youngsters shine and what squad harmony is all about

Not much else happening at the moment, so I decided to go ahead and give you my thoughts on the Emirates Cup weekend. We’ve won the Cup by grabbing two wins, conceding no goals and producing a smashing performance against Lyon. One which spelled an end to Arsenal fans’ ongoing “buy Lacazette for 35 million” […]

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Does Wenger secretly believe he can reunite Ozil and Benzema this window?

Well, Arsène Wenger doesn’t seem to be very busy these days; a non-newsflash which could easily create anxiety and worry but instead of sending me straight to a complete meltdown, actually does generate some anticipation and expectation – which are totally unjustified. When I see the man avoiding questions about transfers or drop enigmatic replies, […]

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