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Ramsey ‘The Plunderer’ sails the Good Ship Arsenal into Port Win after a turbulent voyage, in which many crew were lost.

The Arsenal has finally found its way into the safe harbour of Port Win after making its way through several obstacles. First as it set sail from the happy ports of Swansea City, the weather seemed wonderful and we got lulled into a false sense of security. Ahead we thought was familiar land, land which […]

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50 Shad(e)s of Same Sh.t, Different Day – “We have too many injury prone players that the rest have to carry until they are run into the ground.”

So Arsenal have injury woes again. Bears shit in the woods, The Pope is Catholic and Dolly Parton sleeps on her back. I’m usually pretty balanced with my views on Arsenal and oddly despite being the most emotional of characters, I don’t generally rant like a belligerent child over all things related to the club […]

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