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The defender’s Holding the midfielder’s Coq

August 15th vs Liverpool and the Arsenal start with the centre back holding the central midfielder’s Coq, we lost the game 4-3 and as usual Twitter goes into meltdown about our season. Forward wind 2 months, following a couple of quality signings and we are unbeaten in 9 and playing some of our best football […]

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Ramsey ‘The Plunderer’ sails the Good Ship Arsenal into Port Win after a turbulent voyage, in which many crew were lost.

The Arsenal has finally found its way into the safe harbour of Port Win after making its way through several obstacles. First as it set sail from the happy ports of Swansea City, the weather seemed wonderful and we got lulled into a false sense of security. Ahead we thought was familiar land, land which […]

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50 Shad(e)s of Same Sh.t, Different Day – “We have too many injury prone players that the rest have to carry until they are run into the ground.”

So Arsenal have injury woes again. Bears shit in the woods, The Pope is Catholic and Dolly Parton sleeps on her back. I’m usually pretty balanced with my views on Arsenal and oddly despite being the most emotional of characters, I don’t generally rant like a belligerent child over all things related to the club […]

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Speedy Recovery to Le Coq the Arsenal Rock – Tribute ‘Strength’ Screensaver

The above became an iconic image as Francis Coqulin truly announced himself back on the Arsenal scene playing an integral part in the team’s 2-0 triumph away at City in the Spring. From his return from a short loan at Charlton, Le Coq and Arsenal have not looked back as he played his part in […]

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The Player that Changed a Season – Le Coq the new signing that cost us nothing has a dream!

Francis Coquelin: I also have a dream On Boxing Day, I got to go to my first live Arsenal game at The Emirates in 6 years. (Steve lives in Oz.) Arsenal were sitting in 6th & Francis Coquelin was sitting on the bench following his surprise recall from Charlton Athletic.  The recall was a surprise, […]

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