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“She wore a yellow ribbon in the month of May!” – May FA Cup final memories…

As it’s May, there are naturally numerous FA Cup final wins to reminisce on. May is the month of FA Cup finals of course, so why not reminisce on some cup finals. It’s a shame that our friends from the N17 postcode have no recent memories of such. As we’re record FA Cup winners, then […]

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Ainsley Maitland-Niles

Boys to Men: is Arsenal’s Academy Wenger’s Greatest Parting Gift?

A banter era line up winning us a game 5-0, yes that is the reality of supporting the Arsenal in 2017 and how happy we all are that this is the case. Three double-barrelled young guns in the midfield slots combined with two returning heroes on the wings and an oft forgotten/neglected Spaniard in the […]

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Wenger’s Way is Back in Fashion – SUSTAINABLE – CONSISTENCY – STABILITY

At this time of year you naturally tend to reflect on the year just gone and what lies ahead. So let me indulge myself. A serious read so you need to be sitting down! Given the recent cult of the ‘superstar’ manager and how many of us have become swayed by their influence and supposed […]

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50 Shad(e)s of Same Sh.t, Different Day – “We have too many injury prone players that the rest have to carry until they are run into the ground.”

So Arsenal have injury woes again. Bears shit in the woods, The Pope is Catholic and Dolly Parton sleeps on her back. I’m usually pretty balanced with my views on Arsenal and oddly despite being the most emotional of characters, I don’t generally rant like a belligerent child over all things related to the club […]

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The Truth is that Gazidis, Wenger and Arsenal are creating a legacy to sustain us now and in the future – SO BE PROUD TODAY!

I would like to thank our friends at Forty Nine Undefeated  for allowing us to post this superb article by Gooner Chris (@AFC_ChrisGooner) In a world where short term needs and requirements are largely put before long term planning, football is no different. In fact it is worse, it feels like not a day goes by […]

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