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Giroud, Arteta, Gnabry, Ozil, Mertesacker vs Palace

Emmanuel Frimpong to start for Arsenal in the Capital One Cup, as Chelsea unable to call on Alan Hansen and Michael Owen

Having been in Budapest this time last week, I’m back and ready to throw at you some Gooner gibberish, after a rather life-expectancy shortening weekend. We shan’t go into details. Despite my antics, I still found enough time to dedicate to watching the Arsenal three times in just over the space of a week. While […]

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Invincibles 04

What should Arsenal prefer; Premier League title or Champions League crown?

“Brits and the Yanks: Them’s Fightin’ Words” Firstly, let me preface this with a few things. This is my first column for Gunners Town, which means you are welcome to mock, ridicule and/or make japes at me with my full licence, permission and encouragement. Secondly, I’m an American, which means “football” to me in daily […]

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Running to hide

Arsene Wenger: It’s about time you solved Arsenal’s greatest problem since day one of your reign

Well, this is nice and comfy, I could get used to this! Gunners Town embossed leather sofas, those green shaded reading lamps you always see in films firmly attached to a glorious mahogany desk, a choice of several fine pipe tobaccos and enough coat-hanging space for several crushed velvet smoking jackets. Wonderful stuff, so thanks […]

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Can this forgotten man force his way back into Arsenal’s future?

As it’s an international week, I thought why not do another loan watch. This time we take a closer look at Francis Coquelin’s season so far. The French youngster was loaned to German outfit Freiburg in the summer and, to be honest, that was kind of a surprise to me. With the signing of Mathieu […]

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interlull 1

Jack Wilshere taken to the sword, Arsenal injury updates and who could return to face Norwich City

[heading size=”5″]The Inter-lull: Parts 1 and 2[/heading] Part 1: And did these feet in ancient times….. Should England be for the English? Jack Wilshire has stirred the jingoistic hornets’ nest with his recent comments: “The only people who should play for England are English people, if you live in England for five years it doesn’t […]

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Fans 01

Arsenal fans don’t have it all that bad and here is why

Week Nine – Stop your pissin’ an’ your dissin’ – you don’t know what you’re missin’ As you read this, I will be busy sunning myself in Lanzarote, most likely with a beer in close vicinity. Due to that fact, and as we have just entered an international break, I’m taking a week off from writing, […]

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Nicklas Bendtner 14

Jack Wilshere out, Laurent Koscielny injury scare and Olivier Giroud and Nicklas Bendtner bag braces

No Arsenal means no fun but also, to the relief of some, no stress. However, various players picking up problems while away performing for their countries does wreak havoc for the way you conduct yourself during this boring period of dull international football. Sure it’s great for the professionals themselves who have grown up dreaming […]

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