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The Arsenal road not taken: how we got here [Part One]

NOTE: This was written before the So’ton game. But for me, the issues at Arsenal Football Club have been a cascade of continually BAD decisions. It’s like a butterfly-effect of poor actions and wrong points, leading to our stellar mid-table placing currently. There is the poem of the “road not taken…” and how choices shape […]

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Arsenal Fans justified to have ‘Moanies’ about some of our ‘Loanies’

Loanee Alumni 2019 Prior to leaving , Denis Suarez decided to arrange a get together of Arsenal loanees, to have a beer or two and relive their story of their time at Arsenal. He sent out the invites and got 5 responses. First to arrive was, Kim Kallstrom. He bounded in with his permagrin and […]

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ElNeny [Getty Images]

Keep, Discard, Nurture? Arsenal’s squad tagged for January 2019 transfer cull

The hot news of late is that we are in for Barcelona’s Denis Suarez and even Benetia. But then whilst the club in some part can be commended for its part in getting in transfers, if we analyse the squad, are there players whom we should either: Keep Discard Nurture   It’s true that the […]

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Ozil & Alexis: Traitors or Simply Mercenaries Moving On? Why I won’t shed a tear when they leave. Arsenal deserves better.

Should we be surprised (or upset) if Ozil and Sanchez don’t renew their contracts? I don’t think so. And here’s why… Traditionally, players signed for Arsenal because it was a step up for them. Or because they held a lifelong dream to play for the Gunners. Neither is the case for our two want-away stars. […]

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Arsenal vs Barcelona

What can David do to topple Goliath? A look into what Barcelona has to offer

Despite being two of their respective nation’s biggest domestic sides, the upcoming Champions League fixtures between Arsenal and Barcelona has a tad of an inferiority complex about it. The all-conquering Catalans are heavily tipped to brush aside a team who are currently favourites to lift the Premier League crown (according to the bookies). After some […]

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Defending Ollie: He’s not the best of the best, but the best we can afford.

I’m not really sure what to make of Ryan’s blog that was up earlier. I’ll delve briefly into the reasons why we didn’t win that match against Liverpool and, in general, a defense of Olivier Giroud. This blog will be quite long, so please bear with me. Of course, this is all my opinion. There […]

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OG 7

Sad but true: Giroud is a big game flop. Here’s proof.

This is not an immediate overreaction to a disappointing result against a top club. (which sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it?) Instead, it’s frustration that can no longer be contained and must be released to prevent a heart attack. Arsenal’s desperate need to buy a new striker is so apparent that my American father, who knows […]

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Can Sczcesny come good?

Arsenal’s Summer Shopping List – it’s longer than you thought…

    It’s that time of the year again. Though the transfer window will only open in 6 weeks, the transfer mill is already churning out rumours and boasting actual signings. Depay will start next season in United colours after the Red Devils bought him for a ridiculous £31 million and Dybala (our long-rumoured target) […]

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‘It’s Up For Grabs Now!’ – Arsenal vs Liverpool

After our midweek slump against Chelsea, I can think of teams I’d rather play that Liverpool at the moment. Liverpool are in a good run of form, not dissimilar to us and will want to do everything to keep that momentum going. With two defeats in two games at The Emirates, we can’t afford to […]

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Just what happened & Where did the time go?

Far Side View April 2013: Ivan runs into Arsene’s office, “Arsene, Arsene, We’ve done it, we’ve signed Stevan Jovetic. It’s a done deal, all sorted, no dramas”“Now Ivan, are you sure. I’ve heard these sort of stories before” retorts Arsene“Well, we’ve agreed terms with the player” Ivan responds excitedly.“Really Ivan, really?”“I’m about to speak to […]

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