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Arsenal Play Top 6 Rivals Back to Back AGAIN – Is it fair and is it just bad luck?

Unfavourable fixtures   With the Premier League, well underway now and our next game against our North London rivals. I think it is time to address an issue. For the last two seasons Arsenal FC have been given back to back rival games and more importantly, have been again drawn at home again to play […]

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Burley - Average player and failed pundit

EXCLUSIVE – The BEST Rant at the Anti-Arsenal Media and Philistine Pundits EVER

  Occasional GT Columnist @LordHillwood let out a build up of anger at the media and pundits (cundits) with their anti-Arsenal agenda today. He unleashed umpteen 140 character tweets one after the other and having washed his mouth out with soap what follows may not see us in court! All that is wrong in English […]

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England v Portugal - International Friendly

Jack Wilshere not being fit just one of the lessons England never learn from

I have had this blog tooling around in my head for a while and my apologies for being away, but there has not been much for me to write about, with England mostly being dissected to death on the news websites. But this is a blog more about England and not Arsenal. As an England […]

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Simulation and Disrespect are rife in Football – Why so and what are the solutions?

How many times over the last few years have we read about misbehaving football players? Whether it is Luis Suarez, Mario Balotelli, Ashley Young or even the likes of Joey Barton, there are certain infamous personalities who make the headlines for all the wrong reasons, on and off the pitch. Granted that as long as […]

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