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Arsenal Squad 21/22

Arsenal Squad Cull: these 5 (out of 20) current players should get the chop

So much work to do in this summer window I was looking at our squad sheet on the back of yesterday’s match programme and started to tot up how many players we’d have for next season and it adds up to Arsenal having to do as much as they did in the last summer window […]

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Not with a bang, but a whimper: Arsenal tear up golden Champions League ticket in timid Newcastle display [Positive Needs & Hopes]

How should I feel? Positive Needs and Hopes What’s the name of that place in the Caribbean that everybody thinks is the ultimate luxury? I’ve forgotten so I’m going to go and ask my wife…… OK, it’s Atlantis.  At least to me as a young adult I always saw the commercials for Atlantis and thought […]

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Arteta has some decisions to make for tricky but crucial Newcastle showdown…

The morning after the night before is usually a phrase related to having consumed a tad too much alcohol, but most Arsenal fans will relate today, whether they drank through Thursday night’s disappointment or not. Arsenal needed a win at the home of their fierce local rivals to secure Champion’s League football, and as we […]

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Energetic start gives Arsenal all three points in vital Leeds clash [ARS 2-1 LEE]

Lucozade and lemon drops I always try to base my opening piece on what I think is the general feeling coming out of the game. The general feeling coming out of that game for me and most I think, was that yet again I soiled my britches and I feel like Arsenal need to give […]

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relieved fans

Not fun, don’t care – Arsenal grind out ugly but vital win to keep Top 4 dreams alive

Not fun, don’t care Positives, Needs and Hopes Well, actually I did care during the game. I didn’t necessarily need to be entertained but I did need to feel like we were trying to win. So, let’s get the honesty out of the way. During the games I make copious notes. I make columns based […]

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Spin The Wheel: Fortune smiles on erratic Gunners as they stun United [ARS 3-1 MUN]

Spin the wheel POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I feel like a mug. Well actually I don’t now because the game is finished, but I felt like a mug after 15 minutes of the game.  Like you, most likely, I have friends who support United. They are everywhere. I don’t normally flash my feelings about Arsenal. […]

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Arteta mistakes

Arteta’s Five Biggest Mistakes in Saturday’s Brighton Loss

Anyone who knows me or reads my articles will know that I am an admirer of Mikel Arteta but even the best coaches get tactics and decisions wrong. On a lucky day the odd poor call may not cost your team, or you may have time in a match to readjust or even reverse a […]

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A Place To Dream: inspired by Arsenal’s rhythm and confidence as Gunners tame Foxes

A place to dream POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Everybody went back to the bus and I stayed for a few minutes. I sat at the top of the world in Meteora, Greece on a cliff where a monastery sits, and I dreamt. A short dream. Short but meaningful. I’d being sweating it all day as […]

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The fruits of patience: Club, Owner, Manager and Fans poised for Arsenal success [WAT 2-3 ARS]

The fruits of patience We are now in a position where our relationship with Arsene Wenger can be purely romantic.  We don’t have to remember the frustrations. We can rewind to the first 10 years and see his legacy with the fog of the recent past subsided. We remember not only the titles but how […]

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The Accidental Benefit (or was it?) of Arteta challenging Saka and ESR to score more [Expanded Edition]

An Accidental Benefit   POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES At half time yesterday I had written down five potential headlines for this blog all about our obvious need to be able to create clear-cut chances. We had recorded more chances in one half than anybody else in the Premier league this season. Apart from Lacazette‘s disallowed […]

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