Introducing the Gunners Town Crew


Dave Seager – 66 Kicks

Passionate fifty-something Arsenal supporter who has been making the journey to N5 regularly since the early 1980s – although his first game was in 1976. Always passionate when talking about The Arsenal, Dave decided to send a guest blog to Gunnersphere in the summer of 2011 and has not stopped writing about the Gunners since. He set up his own site – 1 Nil Down 2 One Up – in February 2012, and this site is now well established in the busy Arsenal Blogosphere. Dave’s own writing for that site will continue, but he wanted to launch a new site filled with writing talent to offer something fresh and exciting – so he teamed up with some like-minded friends: Gunners Town is that project…

Paul Hepker – “Invinciblog”

I was eleven-and-a-half. My family had just emigrated from Rhodesia to South Africa. All the kids on my street supported United or Liverpool, because of their Southern African goalkeeper connections: Bailey for United and Grobbelaar for ‘Pool. Problem was: I didn’t like the colour red – so when FA Cup Final day came around in 1979, I supported the team in yellow, even though their name sounded like “Asshole”. At the final whistle, I had bragging rights and a team that had won my heart.

Then I discovered that the Gunners also wore red. Luckily, I remained loyal, and the Arsenal has kicked my heart around ever since… (apart from a few lost years in the ’90s and early ’00s, when I was busy doing grownup things as a composer in Hollywood).

Abandoned to launch this site with 1 Nil Down 2 One Up blogfather Dave Seager – and we have used this platform to help launch the writing careers of a number of amazing Arsenal bloggers.

Assistant Editor

Alex Baguzin – “The Tsar Cannon”

A student studying international law in Moscow.

Started supporting Arsenal in 2004 (didn’t know at the time Arsenal went the previous season unbeaten, funnily enough). Only started regularly watching games a couple of years back. Been in England just once, in 2008. Seen the Emirates, but wasn’t able to attend a game (I intend to rectify that, though).

Took up blogging some 2 years back, partly inspired by Andrew Mangan, partly to while away the time and relieve my relatives of constant talking about squad and formations.

Agboola “Timi” Israel – “Sustained Pressure”

Agboola Timi Israel is an analyst and writer. He is determined to unite StatsBomb data and Arséne Wenger quotes with Don DeLillo. He loves The Arsenal and 1000 Ways To Die series.

The Writers:

Muhammad Adam – “The Glass Half Empty Optimist”

Muhammad’s first real memory of The Arsenal is when his cousins mocked him the day Rooney dived to end the unbeaten run. His second memory is of Juliano Belletti. Some kinda luck, ey?

He often experiences excessive levels of Arsenal-inspired hope and despair in equal measure and loves every second of supporting this ruddy club.

Ansad Ahmad – “The Sane Gooner”

32-year old Arsenal FC fan since 2002. Started following Arsenal because of the gorgeous style of football they used to play and soon fell in love with WENGER-BALL. Still can’t believe how Mr. Wenger managed to make a very complex game look so simple and beautiful. Keen observer of tactics and love to analyse data and statistics. Passionate about writing on Arsenal-related stuff.

Sulemana Baako – “Hassan Has It”

Arsenal enthusiast and writer from Ghana. Love all things Arsenal and football. Sharing is caring. This is an opportunity to share my opinion about the game with the rest of the world. Please would you spare some time and read what I have written and also feel free to comment what you think about it. Thanks!

Thomas Bahnson – “In The Head Of A Swede”

Hello! Im a 39 year old family man from Sweden, born in Gothenburg, living in Stockholm. Why Arsenal? I was 11 years old and didnt have a PL team yet, but was a big fan of the Dutch national team with Dennis Bergkamp up front. So when he joined us in 95’ it was a easy choice which team I wanted to support. It only felt better when success quickly followed and Freddie Ljungberg came in. My first and only live game was the Palace game at the Emirates when Giroud scored that scorpion kick goal. My biggest regret will forever be that I never got to visit Highbury. Most of my friends through life have been Man Utd or Liverpool fans but I have always been proud to be a Arsenal supporter. We are more than a club, with values I live by, and watching this Arteta revolution fills me with great joy. This beautiful club deserves to be at the top. Lets talk Arsenal!

Darren Berry – “Season Diary

Islington born and bred, Arsenal through and through. Supported the Gunners for all of my 46 years (so far!) through thick and thin.
Published author.
Clickbait: Life as a Modern Football Fan – released 2019
Currently working on my next book – Over Land and Sea (and Lockdown), Arsenal 20/21 – A Diary of a Season – due for release Summer 2021.
I will back the club I have in my blood to the hilt and I don’t care what you think about that. UTA.

Dwayne Bingham – “Gambeano Snitch”

Born a stones throw (and a 271 bus ride) away from Highbury. Arsenal is my life,  I celebrate every win and I suffer every defeat, it’s all about taking the good with the bad. Writing and sharing about everything Arsenal certainly keeps me sane!

Xavier Bird – “Birdseye View”

Freelance journalist and Arsenal fan from Scotland living in London. Jose Antonio Reyes advocate. Inspirer of Arsenal hate art from an ex-girlfriend. Please read my things.

Nick Birch – “Gunner Be Honest”

Having been born in 1984, I’ve experienced Arsenal life before Wenger and therefore, I certainly don’t fear it beyond him. That said, I admire and respect his past achievements at the club. I often get called negative but personally, I prefer the term honest and honesty is something that I pride myself on. I joined Gunners Town after penning several ‘Dear Arsene Wenger’ letters on my Facebook profile and sharing them in Arsenal supporter groups. These were met with praise and the encouragement to start writing my own blog, from fellow Arsenal supporters, who felt my words summed up their own feelings perfectly. So here I am…..

John Bordones – “Vengooner”

Overseas Gooner since ‘91.

Rabid supporter.

Alex Burns – “Burns Briefing”

Occasional writer who follows the Arsenal home and away. Dennis is our greatest ever.

Cannon Calls – “Cannon Calls”

Arsenal fan for 24 years, witnessed the Invincibles and now seeing the team rise again.

Dougie Cazorla – “The Cuse Gooner”

31 year old based in the U.S. I am an elementary school teacher by day whose passion for teaching is only rivaled by a love for the Arsenal. I release a weekly piece each Tuesday that is oftentimes analytical but sometimes eccentric. Founder of the U.S. supporters group Syracuse Gooners ( I enjoy interacting with any and all Arsenal-based opinions on Twitter. Have a younger brother who chose to support Spurs. Fielding suggestions for ways to disown him.

Solace Chukwu – “Seeking Solace”

Solace is a freelance football journalist, a tactics writer and an African football columnist with Goal. He’s also been an Arsenal fan since 2002.

Harrison Collins – “It’s Up For Grabs Now!”

I’m a lifelong gooner in my early twenties, hailing from coastal North Wales. The passion for all things red and white is passed down from generation to generation in the Collins family, a gift and obsession that was first passed down by my Grandad, who was a regular at Highbury in the 60’s, it’s been a lifetime of sharing the pain and joy together ever since. It was at a cold and wet trip to Manchester City that I caught the bug, a day that ended in a defeat to a Joey Barton penalty, it’s pretty much been down hill from there but I’m sure the glory days I’ve heard so much about will return and I’m here to document that journey.

Danny Coyle – “Grampian Gooner”

North Londoner living in exile north of the border. During the week I’m a PE teacher. Other than that my life revolves around travelling home for the Arsenal regularly and away trips.

Raphael dF –“Psychological Gunner”

A young writer who dreams of seeing Arsenal back in the Champions League. Particularly interested in the psyche, mentality and mental health of players – their motivation, the harmful effects of social media, and how the football world affects them.

Nigel Evans –“Old Man Gooner”

Welsh Gooner living on the North Wales coast.

Saw my first game in 1967. We lost 1-0 away to Man Utd and Denis Law & Ian Ure were sent off for fighting. I should have realised then what life would be like as an Arsenal supporter.

Mike Feinberg –“Magic Mike’s Musings”

“Magic” Mike Feinberg fell in love with The Arsenal as a 16-year-old Yank completely out of place and out of his depth, standing on the North Bank Terraces of Highbury starting in the special season of 1988-89.  His experiences in that season changed his life forever and nearly 30 years later he is more in love with the club than ever.  Mike visits his “second home” as often as possible and connects with his childhood as often as possible through his hosting of The Gooners Podcast.  Mike is generally known as a very unpopular person with very popular friends and is best known for getting stuck in multiple stadia turnstiles around England.

Dan George – “DG’s Slot”

20 year-old aspiring football journalist, studying at Southampton Solent University. Have been an Arsenal fan since 5 years old!

Harvey Gillett – “Looking Down The Cannon”

Social Media Producer, aspiring writer and an avid Arsenal fan. Speaking less about tactics and more on the behaviour, culture and psychology being built within the walls of our beloved club nestled in North London.

David Glicksman – “Captain’s Log”

I’m a lifelong Arsenal fan. I got my first kit at 3 years old and my dad put a nail in my wall and hung it there rather than in my wardrobe. Mum was furious.

Mark Grant – “The Cannon 49”

Been an Arsenal fan as long as I can remember. Win, lose or draw I will always support the Gunners. I also like to dabble in tactics, formations and stats. Come on you Gunners.

James Howson – “The Beautiful Pain”

I got into football as a kid watching Italian football in the afternoons and ever since I’ve been hooked on tactics and the continental side of the game. I’ve written about Italian football in the past among other things but now it’s time to write about, the embodiment of how I see the beautiful game, Arsenal. Hopefully writing things and opinions about the game you haven’t seen before, I like a bit of a joke too.

Tom Hughes – “The Beautiful Pain”

I’m a traumatised Arsenal supporter who spent most of his childhood crying due to mid- to late- Wenger era sides who flattered to deceive and produced stunning football, but through a combination of ankle-breakers and other teams financially doping was left short of football’s biggest prizes.
I’ve spent the last years in extensive psychotherapy and winning leagues with Arsenal – on Football Manager – to try to work through the trauma. However, nothing worked. Now I’m trying to write about Arsenal – past, present and future– in an attempt to heal my pain (and hopefully heal yours too).

James Humphreys – “Gunners Daily”

I’m a 19 year-old Arsenal fanatic and aspiring Sports Journalist, who will be studying how to write about the Beautiful Game at Solent University from September in an attempt to make my dream into a reality.

Since the age of 8 I have played academy football, but unfortunately it didn’t quite work out – therefore I decided to pursue the next best career for me.

I am aiming to write honest and interesting articles about the club I love, and to share my opinion (one from the younger generation of Arsenal supporters) with as many other fans as possible!

Rohan Jivan – “Rohan’s Deeper Dive”

22 years of age, 22 years as a Gooner. Arsenal runs through my veins and it pains me to see the current position and state of the club. Reading many football articles over the years has inspired me to write blogs containing Arsenal analysis. I’ve always wanted my fellow Gooners to be aware of my thoughts and opinions of ‘The Arsenal’ and thanks to Dave and Paul, I now have a platform which makes this possible.

Jonah Jones – “Through Arsenal-Tinted Glasses”

Arsenal is what life is all about. I am an aspiring Arsenal writer looking to constantly learn more about the game, the team and the club, share my thoughts, and engage with other like minded Arsenal people!

Andrew Kang – “The Half Space”

Gooner since age 5, I have always been passionate about articulating my thoughts on the Arsenal. Never got to witness our golden years, but a firm believer that they will return. Supporting Arsenal can be a rough ride at times, but Paul and Dave have given me a platform to release all that stress, for which I am very grateful.

Kaya Kaynak – “Gooner Kebab”

Half English, half Turkish 23 year-old Gooner who has been going to Arsenal matches since the age of 9. Started supporting just after the Invincibles so got to see all the glory years of the late Wenger reign… Carl Jenkinson apologist and tactics enthusiast who is still scouting for that one defensive midfielder who can take Arsenal to world domination. I am a sports journalist who has written for websites such as 90min and Give Me Sport and worked at talkSPORT. Looking forward to sharing my disdain for Jose Mourinho with like-minded Gunners’ fans.

Ibrahim Khan – “The Halftime Column”

Passionate about the Arsenal, haven’t missed a single game since 2012, and would like to break through into the mainstream as I try to progress my career in the world of Sports Journalism.

Gary Lawrence – “Highbury Heroes”

First went to Highbury in ’66. Season ticket holder since ’76. Love The Arsenal. Need I say more?

Harry Lissington – “A Voice From Afar”

The voice of a dedicated Arsenal fan living all the way across the world in New Zealand… 3am wake ups to watch the beautiful game; coffee and a pen; heart break and euphoria; a lad with a dream of seeing the famous red and white in the flesh and back where they belong…

Football runs in the blood. Playing will always be the passion; whilst now working as a sports physiotherapist enables me to have constant access and inside insight into the goings on at club level.

Marble Halls TV – “Marble Halls”

MarbleHallsTV is an Arsenal social media account on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Been a Gooner since the 90s, inspired by Ian Wright, then Bergkamp, Vieira, Henry, Pires, Campbell, Rosicky, Koscielny, Ozil and Sanchez. A digital marketer/entrpreneur by profession, born in UK living in the Americas now.

Mike McDonald – “Positive Needs & Hopes”

Former Highbury regular. Moved to TN, USA in ’99. Married with 3 kids. Coached in UK and US for 27 years.
Mike McDonald Soccer Academy in Morristown TN, Olympic Development coach, Regional Premier League Champion.

I think Arsene Wenger has fooled us. It’s slowly unraveling. Wish it would accelerate!

Joe McPhee – “Short Back And Sides”

A lifelong Gunner in his late 20s, Joe can just about remember Bruce Rioch and insisting that his dad took him to away games because he had the lightning blue away kit. Quickly grew up to love Highbury and thanks the Arsenal squads of 1998-2005 for making schoolyard banter a delightful experience. Joe quit his job as a teacher last summer to work in the fantasy sports games industry and writes simply because he enjoys it.

Faisal Mohammed – “The Faisal Mohammed Report”

I am a 21 year old from Ghana in West Africa. I strongly believe I fell in love with The Arsenal in 2000 after watching that heartbreaking loss in Liverpool, thanks to the now pestiferous pundit Michael Owen. Or maybe, I love The Arsenal because Gunner rhymes with the name of my country. Shrug. I am an avid supporter of Monsieur Wenger and still see him as a visionary. Also, I believe the result must not always trump the means and glory days on the European stage are just a few steps away. Thanks to all who take time out to visit and read..

Kasra Moradi – “Kasra Armoury”

I’m a 24-year-old NCTJ qualified Sports Journalist and a life-long Gooner. I favour writing nostalgic as well as analytical opinion pieces based on what is happening on and off the pitch at the club. The pain as an Arsenal fan only makes the success sweeter.

Anthony Okike – “Gooner Daily”

A proud Arsenal fan with a good sense of humor. Gooner Daily’s blogger

Nnamdi Onyeagwara – “Nnamdi’s Slot”

21-year-old football writer and aspiring sports journalist writing about “the best team, the world has ever seen!

Callum Perritt – “Cal’s Corner”

I’m a 24-year-old Brit currently residing in Toronto, Canada, having spent most of my life living just north of London. Having a Scottish father meant I grew up a Celtic fan but I chose to support Arsenal as well not long after the club moved to the Emirates Stadium. Whilst I spend plenty of time writing about the club, I’m also one of the co-founders of The Gooner Ramble podcast which I host from time-to-time.

Graham Perry – “Arsenal Circular”

My name is Graham Perry and I have been a lifelong Arsenal supporter since 1952 when I saw the ten men in red shirts hold out heroically until the 84th minute at Wembley.
The Arsenal thing was confirmed by a meeting with Alex James during Easter 1953. As with most of us it is a family thing with my father always waxing eloquent about the Chapman years.
I am married with four children and five grandchildren. I have been a solicitor in a legal aid practice and have just stepped down after 13 years as an Immigration Judge.
Arsenal is in the blood. The goals and the excitement matter but so does the Community thing and sharing Arsenal with friends and family over so many years.
Want nothing more than to see Wenger hold aloft the Premier League Trophy again.

John Redmond – “JR’s Convincibles”

Level-headed columnist who secretly gets excited by wildly improbable transfer guff. Optimistic Arsenal fan, keen writer and a passable centre half (on a good day).

Andrea Rosati – “Clock End Italia”

I’m a 33 year-old Italian boy currently based in Switzerland and I recently started my own blog ( after some experiences with Italian websites and football magazines. I am always willing to debate about the Arsenal and I am delighted to be part of Gunners Town, bringing my own views about the Premier League, the Champions League and the (sad to say this) declining Serie A. I spent several years watching the once-exciting Serie A before discovering the Gunners when they played and defeated my hometown Club in Copenhaghen in May 1994. I never looked back since, supporting the Club during glory days and even more in the past nine years.

Harry Scott – “Trusting The Process”

Over optimistic 24-year-old Gooner eager to see those Hale End lads get us back into the Champions League.
Have grown up with the slow decline of this beautiful club alongside the commodification of the sport.
Write about Arsenal as an aspiring writer but more importantly as an attempt to put my drunk ramblings in the pub into something a little bit more coherent…
Against Modern Football.

Sohum Sen – “Sohum’s Star Man”

Sohum Sen is a half Bengali-half Gujarati Gooner from Kolkata, India. He lives the highs and lows with Arsenal and has a soft spot for Wenger. The things he loves most in the world are as follows- his little sister, his girlfriend and the Arsenal. Always available for a good debate, he fancies himself as a bit of a philosopher and as a tactician. He happens to be studying for a degree in Electrical Engineering, while simultaneously dreaming of writing a blog. He hopes to be a ST holder one day.

Wasiuddin Shaikh – “Gospel de Análisis”

I am a 23-year-old Mechanical engineer from Pune, India, with about 2 years of work experience in sports analysis (mainly football). I am a chief scout for a local club in my city and have worked in a variety of different roles in the past. Largely as a Data Scientist and Performance Analyst. I am an Indian citizen who is about to start his MSc in Sports Performance Analysis in the UK.

Jason Smith – “Smithy’s Gooner Corner”

Hello, all! I am a 34 year old family man. I’m an Arsenal fan living in London with a passion for Arsenal, a love of the game and a need to write. I’m happy writing factual accounts with evidence to back up my own personal analysis, as well as writing off-the-cuff with opinion-based pieces.

Alfie Steiner – “That Sums It All Up”

Alfie Steiner, 23, Lifelong London Gooner
1st Class Spanish & Portuguese Graduate
Podcast host @ That Sums It All Up, previously writer @
Food Content Creator @ itsjustmymunch

Victor Thompson – “Who Is Victor Thompson?”

A sophisticated articulate Arsenal Man of Mystery. Aged 70 and a bit.

@WozAFC – “MatchSTATS by Woz”

Arsenal season ticket holder, lucky enough to follow the club home and away. Loves his stats, opinionated, often wrong but sometimes speaks sense.

Giorge Voutsas – “The Young Gun”

An avid fan from the big white north- Giorge, is from Toronto, Canada and is a 24-year-old international avid Arsenal fan. Arsenal really came to prominence in his life during the early 2000’s, and he has continued to follow them ever since- the Arsenal style of play is really the passion for his support! Trying to analyze the game from a playing perspective and supporting the team through the ups and downs will inevitably make it all worth it, even if it means waking up at odd hours to catch the games! Having played competitively up to the provincial level for many years, I hope to offer a youthful and unique perspective on all things Arsenal – COYG!

Steve Wellman – “Far Side View”

Steve Wellman. The Sunday Morning Gooner.

Gooner since mid 70’s. Sun Dream Team Winner ’97. Season Ticket holder since ’06. Sydneysider since ’09. Welcome to my world, Step right through the door, If you like it here, Please stay & read some more…

Takuma Yamanaka – “The Island Window”

Arsenal fan and a football journalist in Japan. Used to live in northern England. Very interested in football data analytics and gardening.

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