Jeers and hisses sees off dispondent season

In the news today:

Following yesterday’s defeat to underachieving Aston Villa, Arsène Wenger has admitted that the Arsenal faithful have every right to jeer his faltering side. The Gunners now face the unenviable task of a final day battle with Manchester City for that coveted third place finish, which would ultimately see them straight into the Champion’s League without the need for an unwelcome mid-summer qualifying round.

With teams from Eastern Europe the usual scenario, it would mean a shortened summer for the players and less time to prepare for another stab at the Premier League crown next season.

Wenger said to the press following the dismay: “It was our job to thank the fans and you never have to be embarrassed when you do your job.

“It was not a tour of glory, of course, but I think, no matter what happens, you have to respect your fans for turning up for the whole season. You have to accept that [some left] and you have to thank those who are still in the stand.

“What is important is that this club has values and respects those values. We are in a job where you have to please people and if they are not happy, we have to accept that.”

“The fans will not check how much money we spend, they want to win football games. When we don’t, they are not happy and that is completely normal. We will try to strengthen our team, of course, but the best way to keep our fans happy is to win the games.”

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