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Nick Hornby suggests being a Gooner requires patience as social media reaches Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby is by far one of the best books I’ve ever read about football, and one of its many interesting aspects is the writer’s willingness to lay bare his obsession and discuss what it really means to be a fan. Hornby talks about how Arsenal helped him deal with the divorce of […]

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I truly believe the women’s team can put Indian football on the world map!”

An Inspiration – The Force is with Hans but not for Tottenham (Phew!)

Being a woman in a predominantly man’s domain is never easy, though things are slowly becoming better and easier through better exposure and support. And yet it will take a long time before we see any kind of true balance between the sexes (I’m referring to equal opportunity rather than equality as many use it). […]

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Simulation and Disrespect are rife in Football – Why so and what are the solutions?

How many times over the last few years have we read about misbehaving football players? Whether it is Luis Suarez, Mario Balotelli, Ashley Young or even the likes of Joey Barton, there are certain infamous personalities who make the headlines for all the wrong reasons, on and off the pitch. Granted that as long as […]

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Being part of the Arsenal Family – Reflections on the family I chose

  “…So please, be tolerant of those who describe a sporting moment as their best ever. We do not lack imagination, nor have we had sad and barren lives; it is just that real life is paler, duller, and contains less potential for unexpected delirium.” (Hornby, Fever Pitch) Years later when I am asked what […]

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This Arsenal side has the best team spirit since the Invincibles – Victoria Concordia Crescit

“Key for me was the all-togetherness. What I liked about that team was the unselfishness of everybody. Everybody was willing to give the ball to the guy in the better position. The generosity of that team was outstanding, and we always wanted to share with each other. And that’s something that is pretty rare.” – […]

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The Coq Returns to Roost – Our DM for Good?

(This article was written before Arsenal´s match against Crystal Palace on February 21) In 2015, Francis Coquelin has recorded the most interceptions in Europe and the most tackles in the Premier League – delightfully surprising statistics for a player who appeared on his way out of the Emirates when he was loaned out yet again. With […]

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‘BELONGING’ an Arsenal Short Story – Exclusive Preview from a forth coming Collection

People all over the world fall in love with our club – The Arsenal The love is intense but the road to that emotion may vary. With some it is a family tradition and with others one game or even a moment in a game. For some of us where we grow up determines our […]

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Vic Akers Mark II - Pedro Losa

Arsenal fly out to Japan to rebuild under new coach after falling to Liverpool in the Women’s Super League

Now that I am finally settled in to my new life in Spain, I had hoped that my installments of Gunners Fair could be a bit more regular, but with the last game played in the Women’s Super League a few weeks ago, it looks like this is more an end-of-season summary than anything. A […]

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The Original Gooner Girl Returns

Today I am absolutely delighted to welcome back Antonia Hawken to Gunners Town. Antonia was a feature on the old ‘Welcome to the Gunners Town’ before the new management and wrote as ‘Gooner Girlfriend.’ Her last post was in January 2012 just after losing to Man United and can be read here. Delighted to have […]

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Pedro Martinez Losa 01

Arsenal beaten by Chelsea after appointing new manager, but the ladies are still on course for a satisfying finish

The Arsenal Ladies are on track to finish their season on a potential high after two wins, one narrow loss and the appointment of a new manager. Pedro Martinez Losa was named Arsenal first team manager at the end of August and will take up the reins from September 15, 2014. His first match in […]

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