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Arsene Wenger

New Players, Same Manager, What’s The Point?

As supporters we’ll never lose our addiction for discussing potential improvements the club can make throughout the year. I’ve seen plenty of Gooners enlisting Xhaka, Ibrahimovic, Mahrez, Kante as desired transfers in the summer but seriously is there any point to this? We’re simply wasting our time. In the past 3 season’s we have brought […]

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Theo Walcott

Walcott is Arsenal’s Rooney, but with half the talent

Theo Walcott has become quite a sensitive topic over the last few years amongst Arsenal supporters. Understandably so, he’s our longest serving player in the current squad, the highest goalscorer among the current squad (historically) and one of the highest earners. The growing dislike for Theo Walcott among Arsenal supporters stems from the drawn out […]

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Cazorla Ramsey

Santi’s just not cracking it – it’s Rambo time.

Cazorla is not bringing enough to the deeper role – it’s time to build around Ramsey. Another disappointing evening in Europe for Arsenal, which effectively makes our task near impossible with two heavyweight ties against Bayern pending. What I wanted to discuss was the major flaws of Santi Cazorla and the very little he brings […]

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Is Mike Dean to blame for a Decade without a Title or is Arsene?

It must be said the game on Saturday was incredibly frustrating and it’s certainly fair for us to feel hard done by but I really didn’t expect anything from the game regardless, we wouldn’t have taken anything in the end I’m certain, there’s no way of proving this but Wenger’s poor record against Jose is […]

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Is Welbeck the ‘New Signing?’ – Trusting what we have (the alternatives to Giroud!)

The window is now shut and we’ve had a largely underwhelming one. I could write 20 paragraphs about my disgust with this situation and reveal my rage but honestly what is the point? I expected Arsene Wenger to disappoint despite forcing myself into a late glimmer of hope and that is what has happened. Rather […]

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Coq, Olly and Per are quality squad members but when are the first teamers arriving Arsene?

So a needed win for us against Crystal Palace on Sunday but I sit here remaining largely unconvinced by the strength of our first XI. I really do hope Wenger makes the necessary signings needed to elevate us otherwise it’s the same old story of ‘Arsenal being 1 or 2 players short to challenge’. We […]

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Time for Wenger to make a bold decision and upset one of our Star Centre Midfielders

We seem to have a bit of a dilemma concerning the central are of the field where most of our top players are based and it’s finding the most balanced midfield. Ramsey has made his desires very public about wanting to play centrally but there’s a reason Wenger has moved Santi Cazorla there since Coquelin’s […]

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Why Benzema is the perfect final Piece to the Arsenal Jigsaw

Rumours of Benzema joining seem to be growing by the day and whilst I am sceptical of how valid all of this may be, I’m quite excited by the prospect. I have to say that there’s not a single striker in Europe more suitable to our needs right now than Benzema. This doesn’t mean he’s […]

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Of Course This Game Matters! (Community Shield Preview)

Supporters from both Arsenal & Chelsea seem to be dismissing the importance of this game either through fear or general disinterest. For me this game has a lot of importance to it, not that I think it will be defining to either side’s season as we won comfortably last year then got off to a […]

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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain delivered a MOTM-worthy performance against Olympique Lyonnaise yesterday in the Emirates Cup

Can Ox be this season’s Coq? It’s make or break time for Alex

Will The Ox Be This Season’s Breakthrough Player? Continuing from my most recent article (apologies for not posting as regularly off season) I asked who will surprise all and make himself undroppable in Arsene’s team. I think this is a massive season for Oxlade-Chamberlain. Firstly he needs to stay fit, secondly he needs to confirm […]

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