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Five Straws to clutch at now or is it another ‘Gloriously Ambitions Failure’ before Judgement Day

How I’m coping with the rest of this window. ____________________ Life is full of many constants, more so than the conventional “Deaths and Taxes” as popular culture would have you believe. There is the constant of happiness and suffering. Everyone will have a little bit of each within the context of their own lives. When […]

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A monotonous working cycle with no weekend Football Fix – Replaced with a Transfer Rumour Addiction?

The quality of your next Arsenal Fix. Hello there all, and welcome to what I’m sure we both hope is not a monumental waste of your time. You, for obvious reasons of self-interest, and I, for reasons of self-importance. For what is blogging but a self-aggrandisement of the importance of ones’ own thoughts? Anyway, onto […]

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Are Arsenal better now than last season? The increasing importance of Danny Welbeck, and a fitting test of champions

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a much-belated post from me. I’m afraid that progress waits for no man, and in this case progress took the form of an unexpected business trip across the globe. Lifestyles of the rich and the famous, or in my case, the bloody lucky and eager.  Why am […]

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Olivier Giroud 26

Arsenal prepare for arrival of German stars to the Emirates as Olivier Giroud blow silences his critics

Transfer revisionism doesn’t help until the transfers are done Good morning my lovelies, and welcome back. What a difference the space of a week can make. We’ve gone from “The team is horrible”, “The play is labored”, “How can Arsene Wenger not see what’s so patently obvious” and “I’m a grumpy lout” to “Ah, THAT’s […]

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Olivier Giroud 24

Arsenal receive £50 million bid for Olivier Giroud? Never going to happen, but get behind Arsenal’s BEST striker

A defence of our much maligned target man Good morning my lovelies, and welcome to another episode of my ramblings, sponsored as ever by your patient understanding of my meandering nonsensical ponderings. My my we’re a bunch of reactionary ninnies. All that positivity and good will from pre-season and the great start to the recruitment […]

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Sagna Arsenal

Arsenal set for REUNION with old hero, while Joel Campbell and Yaya Sanogo emerge as SHOCK starters for Manchester City clash

Bac’s back and the real importance of Arsenal vs Manchester City Hello and welcome, from me to you, once again here on Gunners Town. I trust this post finds you well. Should it not, fear not my friend, for what light on yonder window breaks? It is the Community Shield, and Arsenal is the sun. […]

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Juan Quintero 01

Arsene Wenger AT IT AGAIN as Juan Quintero arrives in London to become Arsenal signing number five….maybe

All Arsenal’s Signings show fundamental changes in policy and attitude Good morning/afternoon/evening you Arsenal crazed beauty. How are you this fine day/eve? It’s good to metaphorically see you again here on Gunners Town. If truth be told, I missed you, you handsome devil you. If it weren’t patently obvious, I’m quite chipper as I begin […]

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