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Arsene Wenger needs to go – but who should he take with him?

  Hi folks. It’s been a while again since I posted. Having watched Arsenal’s recent spate of poor performances ruining yet another promising campaign (except the Bayern match – that one was always going to be a pummeling for Arsenal), here’s a few things I’d like to see changed next season. The Manager I know […]

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Spanish Control missed

Why are Arsenal Starting Games so Slowly and is there a short-term remedy?

One thing that I have noticed over the last few matches, particularly so in the Premier League match away to A.F.C. Bournemouth and the away F.A. Cup tie with Preston North End is that Arsenal seem to struggle with starting quickly in matches. All too often, we see a lot of sluggishness in the opening […]

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The Day The Season Died: Man City 2-1 Arsenal

I’m really not kidding with that title. I had not written much about Arsenal recently, because there was not a lot to complain about from my side. Ramsey was injured (always a positive for me when he doesn’t play) and the team looked like they were capable of grinding out results against most teams, aside […]

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Spy in the camp

Secret Agent Wilshere – Checking on ‘Howe’ Cherries Boss is shaping up.

Many folks seem to be surprised by Jack Wilshere’s loan to Bournemouth. I wasn’t too surprised by it, to be honest. Let’s face it: Arsenal have, on paper, a stronger and more competitive midfield in place for this season, with Granit Xhaka signing on this summer and Mohamed Elneny in the winter window to replace […]

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Fail to plan - Plan to fail

Does Wenger actually have a plan as he once more allows Arsenal to enter a season short-handed?

So, Arsenal are starting another season short-handed. The striker to help Giroud has not been found and AFC are still one centre-back short. Granit Xhaka was brought in immediately after last season ended to ensure season ticket renewals and I don’t think the Club had any concrete plan to fill up the gaps in the […]

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England v Portugal - International Friendly

Jack Wilshere not being fit just one of the lessons England never learn from

I have had this blog tooling around in my head for a while and my apologies for being away, but there has not been much for me to write about, with England mostly being dissected to death on the news websites. But this is a blog more about England and not Arsenal. As an England […]

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Missed opportunities

Arsene’s Bad Planning Means Arsenal’s Struggles Have Just Begun

I’ll preface this blog with this: this one will be a sad blog, for many fans. Please tweet all abuse to me @timjbharg on Twitter or leave a comment below – but please don’t abuse the other writers and editors! I think that next season Arsenal will get into the Champions League but it will […]

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Lack of Communication, Effort and Leadership: the keys to Arsenal’s failure

I have written and re-written this blog a few times. I decided to shelve it until after the F.A. Cup match vs. Watford, a match I was sure that Arsenal were going to narrowly win. However, I was mistaken. The Arsenal defence needs an overhaul. The two goals that were conceded were both avoidable and […]

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Defensive discipline key during hectic schedule + Rambo’s role past and future

Many of you will be aware that I am not the biggest fan of Aaron Ramsey. I read much of Sohum’s article from before the Manchester City match last week, some points I agreed with and some not so much. I’d just like to highlight some things before tonight’s match concerning Arsenal’s tactics, selections and […]

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Arteta's last game

So it’s a Not so fond farewell to Non Event November and now for Nice Noel

I’m back! Did you miss me? I’ve had a pretty busy November, so I didn’t have much time to blog. Arsenal played a number of matches over the month, but didn’t have much time to play well, with the club dropping a number of points and having a few poor results. I’m now going to […]

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