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The players who make Arsenal tick: Player | Goal Differential data analysis

Here we go! I’m back at it this time, from the midst of the sunny Coromandel on the East Coast of NZ! Great place for a summer holiday. The camping equipment is out, BBQ is shimmering, the beaches are full, however, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, given our injury crisis) The Arsenal haven’t played in a […]

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Mikel Arteta: The Soul to Success

While wallowing in the heartbreak from the defeat to Manchester City, I decided to distract myself by picking up a book and reading Phil Jackson’s Eleven Rings: The Soul to Success. For those unfamiliar with Phil Jackson, he holds the NBA record for the most NBA championships as a player and coach – famously known […]

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Dusan Vlahovic: A Scouting Report on the world’s next elite striking talent

The January transfer window is now open! With Liverpool somehow getting the EFL to wrap around their finger and postpone the match against Arsenal we can sit and complain or open up a can of fruit and get into a juicy special. Transfer rumours. Oh how I love them. The best and worst time of […]

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Chief Whip? Josh Kroenke with Gazidis and Sir Chips

A case for stability: Is The Kroenke Way all that bad in a chaotic world?

Football’s link to money has been well-documented. From highly paid players to mega-money buyouts, our beloved sport has become more about business than ever before. While there are indeed many success stories for risk takers in both business and football, it is often a measured approach made by the most successful people. Perhaps it’s worth […]

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Auba and Tierney

Who should succeed as Arsenal’s Club Captain (where Aubameyang failed)?

I cannot say I am happy to be writing this piece but nor am I surprised. Arsenal have officially confirmed that Aubameyang has been stripped of the club captaincy and it has not come as a shock. His recent breach of discipline is not the first and whether we agree with how the situation has […]

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Mikel Arteta is not going anywhere and here’s why

  It would be impossible to label Arsenal’s performance at Everton as anything other than ‘limp’ and that might be considered generous. Whilst much of the Arsenal fanbase might lay the blame for the team’s lack ambition, particularly when his team takes the lead, at Mikel Arteta’s door, there is no evidence the Spaniard is […]

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Nketiah miss

Arsenal’s opposition feeds on our lack of self-belief: can Arteta channel his inner Ted Lasso?

Truth is Arteta has us playing the sort of football Benitez played at Newcastle with shocking players and no investment. Up there with the worst performances of his tenure. Bored of percentage football and crazy decisions on substitutions. And it takes a lot to get to me. — Dave Seager (@goonerdave66) December 6, 2021 Arsenal […]

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Nketiah miss

The Dummy Revelation: Less Arteta Makes Arsenal Better [EVE 2-1 ARS]

The Dummy Revelation POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES The loudest I got watching yesterday’s game wasn’t actually Odegaard’s goal. It wasn’t Godfrey trying to implant his studs into Tomi’s face either. It was the 97th minute. It wasn’t Auba’s miss either. It was a raw reaction to the dummy that set up Auba’s miss. I’d spent […]

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Penalty Shout

A Game of 3 Headlines: careless and unfocused Arsenal fall to Imaginary Opponent [MUN 2-3 ARS]

A Game of 3 Headlines POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I love to write these post match thoughts. I find it cathartic. It’s my pub in a largely pub-less country. I’ll tell you what I love the most about the posts. It’s choosing the headlines and then the opening thoughts. I drove home yesterday after watching […]

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Martinelli Joy

A Game for the Others: when unexpected players don the hero’s cape [ARS 2-0 NEW]

A Game for the Others POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Best laid plans. Sometimes you’ve got to bin them. Players you expect to make the difference could sometimes be out there all night. Not happening. Opponents drive your choices as much as you can. Then sometimes you win but only if you aren’t stubborn. You can’t […]

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