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Arsenal Top Four Finish: “Ahead of Schedule” or “Overachieving”? Expectation burns.

It would be an understatement to say that Arsenal fans are divided over almost every issue pertaining to the club. I haven’t tracked any long-term social media trends, but it’s fair to say that things have stayed relatively flammable on ‘Arsenal twitter’ since the rabid, vitriolic days of #WengerOut (typing that hashtag made me vomit […]

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What happened to Arteta’s Non-Negotiables? (AKA Does Willian have compromising Arteta nude pics?)

We have entered desperate times, and I did not think we would be saying this only a year into Mikel Arteta’s tenure. But here we are. I genuinely did not foresee him disappointing the optimism I had this quickly, but here we are. Let’s talk about what have been the key let-downs. Just to get […]

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Arteta was always a risky appointment – can Arsenal afford to double down?

I haven’t written much about Arsenal for a long time. Partly because it sometimes felt pointless. Partly because I had become apathetic. I’ll admit, Mikel Arteta’s appointment got my interest back up in a short space of time. We had a number of fringe and/or underperforming players get a new lease on life, a clean […]

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So What has Olivier Giroud ever done for us?!

What’s Olivier Giroud ever done for us? With shiny new French strikers on the Arsenal horizon is it time to ask? These guys thought so…….. Reg: He’s bled us white, the bastard. He’s taken everything we had, not just from us, from our fathers and from our fathers’ fathers. Stan: And from our fathers’ fathers’ […]

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Mike Dean

We need to talk about referees – Inconsistency, Bias or are Arsenal just not getting the rub of the green?

What do we make of the standard of officiating in the Premier League? I can’t claim to have done a statistical tracking study over the years, but this season seems to have some of the worst when it comes to the general standard of refereeing in the league. I’m of course biased to the decisions […]

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Player salute fans after precious victory

Ozil isn’t Class, he is the Whole Education system – Are we contenders yet???

How good was last night’s match? Just how good was that win? If you watched it, you’d know the answer to those questions. I was so impressed with our performance that I’m writing a match report and watching the match again this morning. The issue about our struggles in the ‘big games’ has become so […]

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London Colney

Arsenal Injuries due to Smoking – Well someone told me “It’s in the Grass!”

A few things in life are guaranteed in the month of November: You’ll get exactly 30 days. Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. Arsenal will have their worst month in the Premier League season. There’ve been a few theories about why this is, but like Jose Mourinho losing to managers with surnames starting with the letter ‘P,’ […]

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Arsene Wenger

Excuse me, Mr. Wenger – where’s the buck stop?

This past week saw another disappointing night for Arsenal. Once again, we lost to a team that we reasonably expected to beat – Olympiakos had never won on English soil, and we have beaten them a few times before. Despite scoring twice, we still managed to lose the match after conceding within 60 seconds of […]

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Costa Claw

Costa’s claw blinds pundits; brings more shame to the game

Saturday was a farce of a football game, if we can even call it a football game. After that Gabriel red card, it was difficult to continue watching the television screen under the belief that you were witnessing a football match played at the very highest professional level. It’s a game that left a bitter […]

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Keep Calm And Support The Arsenal or PANIC!!! (It’s Your Call)

A little perspective… Let’s get straight to the point: Sunday was disappointing, demoralising, and every other negative adjective you can think of. Seven days earlier, we played a game that defied the statistics, shamed the haters and lost some unfortunate souls a bit of money. How did we then lose to a team against whom […]

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