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Wenger’s Shoes – though out of style – will still take some filling: who will be Arsenal’s Cinderella Manager?

  Not “If”, but “When” Nobody can say for sure when Wenger will leave Arsenal -except Arséne himself, of course – but the beleaguered manager has to go eventually. Surely? Most, it would seem, would prefer sooner rather than later. A bigger question might be: who is going to replace him? Events this summer indicate […]

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kane dive

Mr ‘So called’ Journo – A Step over is used too deceive an opponent with skill and a dive is used to deceive the officials

Quick rant from GT Crew member Brad for your journey to work… If you ever needed evidence that there is a Pro-Spurs stance in our media, then you just need to check out today’s papers/social media ad Twitter. Respected (until now perhaps) Independent journalist, Jonathan Liew (and I thought he was definitely one of the […]

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dele alli yellow

Media Darlings: diving, cheating, thuggish Spurs can do no wrong

Another incredible weekend of Barclays action just gone, which as usual was short on actual quality but long indeed on drama. I’d like to talk about Spurs if I may. As an Arsenal fan it’s difficult to have an opinion on them without being called biased or one eyed, and that’s often very true, tribalism […]

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Who?! Me?

Justice served cold to biased and belligerent Burnley fans

Watching the Burnley vs Arsenal game yesterday, I was struck with the incredible partisan nature of the crowd. I don’t mean fervent, passionate get-behind-your-team partisan, I mean boo-the-other-team-and-every-single-decision-that-is-given-or-not-given-against-you. It was absolutely remarkable. Handball shouts every 2 minutes, baying for blood with every Arsenal tackle. It got me thinking about the basis of football support. Do […]

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Caused a stir

Ozil Sipping Tea upsets the Anti-Arsenal Sixth form Journalists – Oh Dear!

Good morning. I’m not sure if it’s escaped people’s attention but the Arsenal media team appear to have upset the media. Scene: Daily Mail troll writes an article claiming no Arsenal players would get in a combined XI. Fine. Nonsense, but absolutely within rights to say that. Arsenal dominate Spurs and the PR team posts […]

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Shocking in last game v new team

Is Ox now a bigger snake than Nasri, Cesc and RVP after Cheating Gunners v Liverpool in Last Game

Let’s all laugh at Arsenal their absurd fans. Yeah I get it, it’s funny. The best run club in the world ™ has no money and none of their players want to stay. All very amusing and bizarre in equal measure. However the one thing I would like to point out, which in my opinion, […]

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Spurs 7th and Poch 1st Fired: Arsenal View Season Predictions

Here are my predictions for the season for what it’s worth. Champions: Arsenal Runners up: Man City Those two are interchangeable. I’ve gone with heart and the fact that no Europe will be huge for Arsenal in first half of season (assuming Wengy sticks to his promise to play the kids). But in reality it’s […]

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Top 5 Things we learnt from Arsenal’s Community Shield Triumph

  It was a very good performance from Arsenal again yesterday. Chelsea seemed off the pace but nevertheless it was a solid all-round display from the squad. 5 things we learnt 1. Arsenals squad depth is exceptional and far greater than that of Chelsea. Players that did not play yesterday: Ospina, Mustafi, Koscielny, Chambers, Cazorla, […]

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Hail To The Thief! Why Football needs to be freed from SKY’s greed.

On about the 10th of March last season I phoned Sky TV and cancelled my Sports subscription. I was paying something along the line of £80 a month to watch Dave TV, the occasional thing on Sky Atlantic, Football, Golf, NFL and Horse racing. When I actually sat down and went through where money goes […]

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Football Journalism not about Facts, just about Click-bait and Arsenal fans easy to Hook!

Over the years professions change. Jobs adapt to the environment, to new technology, to smarter people. My job for instance is very different to how it was when I began 20 years ago, driven largely by the growth of the internet. I am sure most of us that started work in the previous century can […]

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