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Hector Bellerin- Beyond just Physical Strength and more than a Footballer

This article was written in February 2021. In the height of the pandemic, it seemed like Hector’s return would be one joy for Gunners’ fans. It wasn’t to be, but those of us who loved him will continue to do so, our blood diluted with Betis green. In the new Hector Bellerin, we see not […]

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A full tactical breakdown of Arsenal 1-Chelsea 2 with lessons learned

This was the Arsenal lineup for the match. ARSENAL BUILD-UP PLAY: Arsenal looked to build-up in a 3-2-5 as we’ve seen a lot this preseason and the end of last season. With Chambers dropping deep to form a back 3 with Elneny and Partey forming a double pivot. Aubameyang and Smith Rowe would drop deep […]

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Could Arsenal be Dest’s Destination?

As we discussed in a piece earlier today, Arsenal, seemed to be moving away from the haphazard transfer policy of recent years and have a clear focus to their business this summer. It is no longer a case of looking here for the best gambles, with free players on high wages but more a clear […]

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Never learnt to kill – how Arsenal Past is crippling Arsenal Future (Positive Needs & Hopes)

Never learnt to kill POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I was watching the game yesterday and wondering if there were 3 teams out there. ‘Arsenal current’, Fulham and ‘Arsenal past’. We started the game with energy and intent. We didn’t get the goal but I enjoyed the desire to do so as it’s been a rare […]

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Arsenal the Yo-Yo (and the Rise of the ForMidFender): SHU 0-3 ARS

Arsenal the Yo-Yo POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES My son: Are we gonna win today, Dad? Me: No idea My son: Why not? Me: Because our players, form, line up or any part of it doesn’t seem to matter as to whether we are ‘good Arsenal’ or ‘bad Arsenal.’ Do you think we will win? My […]

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The Blame Game is easy BUT this one was not on Arteta – Here’s why

Sometimes it’s not blame  It’s so easy to look for blame. It feels good. It removes a part of the frustration as we pass it off. I’m more than happy to apportion blame when I think it’s deserved. I like to remain as emotionally stable as possible so as to not live in the world […]

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Thanks for the memories, Heccy – You have not become the player we all believed you would!

  Is Héctor the last name on the exhaustive list of players we hang on for too long? Kieran Gibbs, Carl Jenkinson, Joel Campbell, Jack Wilshere, Abou Diaby, Johan Djourou, Nicklas Bendtner and Denílson are the prime examples of players towards whom the Club has been too loyal, despite the evident gaps.“Yeah but on his […]

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An Exclusive Doctor’s Insight into the Old and New Bellerin, pre and post ACL

Unfortunately, injuries are part and parcel of sport especially at the elite level, and with the vast majority of them being unavoidable it often triggers a psychological response from the athlete. Whilst some minor problems can be treated with little to no disturbance on performance, others cause extended periods away from sport while inflicting significant […]

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When the Coach got to coach – the 3 missing pieces Arteta used to tame El Loco

When the Coach got to coach POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I was really looking forward to yesterday’s game. Off the back of two losses and another potential fan meltdown, that may seem a little crazy. My excitement was based on knowing that the game came with a full weeks preparation time. Something our coach hasn’t […]

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The Penalty Box Problem – how Arteta can fix Arsenal’s goalscoring disfunction

The Penalty Box Problem POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Well, that wasn’t November and it wasn’t January. It was somewhere in between. The Keeper was very good, defence was uncharacteristically nervous, the midfield dominated but it was the attackers or more to the point, the attacking, that was stuck deep in November. There are multiple layers […]

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