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Dear England: love Saka all you like, but hands off – he’s ours!

To the shock of absolutely nobody, I didn’t want England to win the Euros. I make no apologies for it. It’s how football works. When Arsenal went out of the Europa League, I didn’t start supporting Man Utd because they got further. On the contrary, I put pretty much all the energy that was left […]

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Can Arteta learn something watching Tierney for Scotland in the Euros? YES!

Let’s all learn from Scotland. So, contrary to what pretty much anyone who’s ever met me before will say, I come from Scotland. This means that, unlike the vast majority of people who frequent this website (I imagine?), over the past few days I haven’t been watching the likes of Bukayo Saka get booed on […]

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Are the New Arsenal becoming as Ruthless as Chelsea?

Arsenal Finally Being as Ruthless as Chelsea Sometimes, when I’m lying awake at night and not thinking about 2007/08 Alex Hleb, I fret about the etymology of words and get myself all worked up for no reason at all. It’s a strange pastime and almost certainly a tactic from my brain designed to keep me […]

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