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Unai Emery: The Art of Saving Face (and Dishing Shade)

Unai Emery has been out of work since he was sacked by Arsenal on the 29th November last year. He has been relatively quiet since his unceremonious departure from North London, and to his credit he conducted himself with class upon leaving and in any brief media correspondence since. But, like most managers, I knew […]

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Edu me a favour – Re-thinking Arsenal’s Transfer Policy on Dortmund lines

Edu me a favour: Rethinking Arsenal’s Transfer Strategy With this post I want to look at Arsenal’s transfer strategy and give my thoughts about the direction the club should take moving forward. Unprecedented is a word we’ve all heard so frequently over these past weeks, but it really does best describe the pandemics impact on […]

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The 3 huge reasons for optimism for Arsenal under Arteta

Arsenal and the Reasons for Optimism during Uncertain Times As I sit down to pen my first ever blog about Arsenal, in fact, my first ever blog about anything, I am determined to provide something uplifting for a change. This, as it turns out, is easier said than done when writing about football at a […]

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