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Living Rent Free in a small minds

Well unsurprisingly, the spuds failed to live up to our low expectations of them and sacrificed their own Champion’s League hopes, to potentially prevent The Arsenal’s title challenge. To the form book, the so called Spud fans were, very vocally, cheering when City scored. Would Liverpool fans cheer a United goal, no. Would Chelsea fans […]

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Unbelievable Jeff!!!

  And here we go again, Jeff ‘I used to sit and watch football in a studio’ Stelling, has called out  Benny Blanco for committing the heinous crime of ‘playing cards on holiday’. Jeff Stelling on Ben White: “He decided he didn’t want to play for England and he has been enjoying his time there […]

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Remember this?

Batsh!t Crazy Arsenal Talk: Episode 56

On this weeks episode of ‘Batsh!t Crazy Arsenal Talk’, we are spotlighting ex-professional footballer-pundits and their blatant non-objectivity. (AKA doing what bosses command.) John Barnes & Rio Ferdinand both stuck to the ‘throw cr@p at Arsenal and see what sticks’ narrative, with full effect over the weekend. John Barnes – Arsenal have to play well […]

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Mr. Keys: R U OK?

Again, everyone’s favourite misogynist is up to his old tricks. Again, the only person related to football in the Middle East not earning £300k + a week, is bagging out Mikel. Again, I’m getting really concerned for his mental wellbeing. I’m guessing that somewhere in his murky past, Richard Keys was seriously wronged by Arteta, […]

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