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“Arsenal to spend £89m on three new signings…” Invincibles, Repeatables – Possible/Impossible?

Arsene Wenger intends on splashing the cash this summer, and is hot on the heels of 2 world class players and a definite future star…in fact the deals are meant to be as good as done, only the final formalities to be concluded… Now there’s a headline many would love to see….. And it would […]

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“I have a little coq…” says Arsene Wenger…..

Arsene in fact said, “I have a little cock n’ bull story to tell you, about transfers”, but never mind, he kind of said it… right? Ah yes, that time of year again, when every word is twisted to make a story of transfer related bullshit. (I think I may have used this before, but […]

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Media left Red faced as Arsenal let them down by being Brilliant! – Wenger shows his CLASS “I love him and will be forever grateful.”

Ahhhh yessss !!!!! Do Sunday mornings get any better than this? Bacon sizzling, each burp a reminder of the ridiculous amounts of drinks (first nerve settling ones, then elated celebratory ones, followed by ecstatic and a little bit smug ones), that were consumed yesterday. All the newspapers spread out in front of me, with happy […]

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Exclusive unofficial interview with Arsene in a hotel bar – When Woody met Wenger!

WEDNESDAY, WOODY, WENGER AND WINE. I couldn’t believe my luck on Wednesday night. In a hotel, in the middle of nowhere, sat at the bar to watch the Madrid derby, and who comes in and takes the seat next to me…. None other than the boss, Arsene bloody Wenger, a slightly drunk Arsene Wenger, I […]

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A slight change to WHAT IF…‏ Wenger always knew But…… Sh.t happened!!

Been hectic times for me, so haven’t had the opportunity to chat with all you lovely, happy/moany/angry Arsenal fans. I started a piece at the beginning of December, and, funnily enough, the topic still stands today. Even though, I feel had I sent it our at the start of December I would have received my […]

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Summer-induced Stupidity – The ‘Funniest, Wisest & most Poetic’ Review of the Transfer Window to date!

  “I am Summer, come to lure you away from your computer… come dance on my fresh grass, dig your toes into my beaches”. ~Oriana Green If only, If only, If only. In front of the computers they sit. Regurgitating, the same old shit. I’ve read somewhere that the Douglas Costa link, to us, was […]

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Arsene Wenger 16

PICTURES: Arsene Wenger scoops bizarre Brazil award, while the Arsenal kids win the World Cup

I haven’t written in a while, what with the World Cup and Wimbledon, and that thing called summer, and the Twitter twats that it brings along with its long days, sunshine and cider. Now that I try to write something, I realise just how much I’ve been drinking, due to having so much football on, […]

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What defines an Arsenal Legend & what defines an Arsenal Traitor?

AND WHO DECIDES? Ah, it was good while it lasted. The victory, followed by the harmony. Ah, that peaceful harmony. Naturally as the season’s door shuts hard, then as night follows day, the transfer window swiftly swings open, and with it, the seeds for argument. Well, those seeds were planted quicker than ever this year […]

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Gooners United in Joy for once and downloading Dodgy Images Officer!!!!

What a weekend, what a week, the joy, or even more so, the shared joy of so many. Not like the end of a season with “nearly this”, “nearly that” – where half the support deem it a successful season, while the others don’t, where some see progress and others don’t, and therefore leading to […]

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fa cup 2005

Moaning fans don’t realise that Arsenal have made PROGRESS on and off the field regardless of FA Cup outcome

  It’s been a while Hi people, long time no write. I will confess that it wasn’t for football related stress that I took a break for a while, more so the endless tit for tat on Twitter, endless fighting over fuck all, bitching and overall nastiness that was hanging over the place during the […]

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