What makes a Gooner?

WTTGT Writer: Warwick Tuatara

I’m starting this article with a brief sentence that could very well kill your interest in this article with immediate effect. I’m a Chelsea fan, writing for a Gunner’s website. But please, don’t let that deter you from reading on.

This article is about what makes an Arsenal fan, an arsenal fan, and what better than an unbiased critique to hear it from than that of a rival club?

I’m a Chelsea fan, from Manchester, living in Leeds. Right there you have two cities that have some sort of hatred to my beloved Blues, whilst the feeling is mutual towards United, City and Leeds. I’ve always been appreciative of Arsenal, not only for their creative play, their outlook on using, developing and producing some of the game’s ‘young guns’ – excuse the pun – but also because of the fans.

I’ve met, and befriended a few Gunners in my 20 years of life, and have always found the average Arsenal fan to be gracious in victory as well as defeat. The majority of you are optimistic, and not so arrogant as most of the Man United lot. In recent times, City’s fans seem to be too.

In my experience, meeting new Gunners and chatting to them, the fans seem to be humble in their approach to other fans and that’s another credit to you.The one characteristic that has always, for me, made an Arsenal fan, an Arsenal fan, is this humble approach.

Having said all this however, I’ve never fully met a hardcore ‘Gooner’ who would no doubt have a few taboo words to exchange to me upon knowing of my Chelsea apostle; from the eye’s of a blue, you Gunners are alright to me.

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