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WTTGT Writer: Dean “hoping for a win” Scott

So here I am; it’s Wednesday 31st  August 2011; it’s 22:15; I’m getting excited about Mikel Arteta; is this right?

I was disappointed when the move seemed to be off. But now, I’m totally confused. He might be the most creative player at Everton, but that’s like being the best snooker player in Eastbourne… does it make him a great snooker player or just an OK snooker player in a non-snooker town?

So far in the last 24 hours our new number 9 has arrived, but he can only stay for 2 years as he needs to go back to South Korea to do national service. Blimey! Now that’s scary.

We have bought a Brazilian defender called Santos, and by definition of being a ‘Brazilian defender,’ it probably means he can’t defend.

Add to that a 9 ft 4 German centre half, Mertesacker, who surely will improve our ailing defence; then again adding Ronnie Corbett would have improved what we had 24 hours ago.

My concern, ironically given that many have craved it, is the money we have spent. Scott Parker for £6m seems a bargain to me. We surely could have had some real snips if Wenger had been typically tight with his purse; but what do I know, I’ve only been a fan for 40 years!

It’s 22:40, and Benayoun has just signed on loan – why that and not a permanent deal? This is a player who wasn’t close to the Chelsea team. My pulse rate didn’t increase with this deal.

At 23:05 and I am watching Sky Sports News and they are live from Ashburton Grove (hate the name Emirates Stadium and no news on Arteta)…

Finally at 23:28 and it’s confirmed, Arteta has signed! WOW, I am excited by that after all! And that Bendtner has gone!

All-in-all, a good 28 minutes, Kate, my wife, asked if I was happy about that… “Well love I will let you know at the end of the season.”

Good night Kate, and good night transfer window.


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