The Arsenal bingo game

WTTGT Writer: Lewis Kyriacou

Just a bit of fun this one; to cure my boredom during that woeful England display, I decided to create a game. Simple enough idea; you know those traditional bingo calls, legs eleven and all that…

Well, try and make one about the Arsenal player and make it rhyme with their squad number, or twist a traditional call to fit said Arsenal player:

Unlucky for some, Wojciech Szczęsny, Number 13 (Carling Cup final springs to mind)

Welsh captain supreme, Aaron Ramsey, Number 16.

Including the above examples, I’ve currently made eight, so I need three more for full house (get it…) Give it a go, and if you’ve got better calls for my chosen players, throw those into the mix too.

Eyes down…

He was good at Everton but can he be great? Mikel Arteta, Number 8.

We’ve signed another Southampton wonder teen, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Number 15.

On the score sheet again, Robin Van Persie, Number 10.

Leaving for military service in two years’ time, Park Chu Young, Number 9.

Has to crouch when entering doors, Per Mertesacker, Number 4. 

Record transfer fee, Arshavin, Number 23.  

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