Vote: Did Arsenal sell Reyes too early?

He came with a whopping price-tag for a Wenger signing. At £12.6m, Jose Antonio Reyes was expected to be the future of Arsenal Football Club, tearing up full-backs and scoring wonder goals – dare I say Ronaldo-esque?

The Spaniard, though, came and went without much of a legacy in wake, arguably enticed out by that radio hoax (see below interview with a Spanish radio station. NB: the video is in Spanish):

But, were Arsenal quick to grant the young international’s wishes when they sent him packing to Real Madrid. Should they have been firmer, patient and understanding that Reyes was simply unsettled, naive possibly, and needed more time?

Or, did his actions on and off the pitch justify his Arsenal exit? Was it simply a case of Reyes not fulfilling his young potential on the pitch, and failing to adapt to the British game?

Why did it go wrong for Reyes?

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