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As much as the next fan, I love a bit of deadline day. The intense excitement, the helicopters, the journalists outside of stadiums surrounded by an array of, shall we say, colourful personalities… of course, what I am describing is Sky Sports’ live deadline day coverage.

On the face of it, though, I often find myself in deep thought as I watch the deadline day coverage. ‘I will not become part of this,’ my brain is telling me, reminiscing of days gone-by when you got your transfer news in the morning, the next day, in a newspaper. I will not be part of this commercial marketing, this ploy to make me sign a subscription, top-up my phone or buy a Ford Mondeo. Is deadline day solely for Sky Sports and its European counterparts, or is it for the good of the game?

Despite my brain’s intense philosophising, I don’t switch off, I still watch it and still hit F5 to refresh my browser as if I am dependent on it for a big money pay-out down the bookies, but seriously, sometimes it’s important to remember what it is we all love – not adverts, not Sky Sports, not wives, marital affairs or perfumes… just plain old boring football.

Two Left Feet (TLF) is the very best of Sky Sports, Four Four Two, BBC Radio 5 Live, ESPN, World Soccer, etc, stripped down from the PR hungry companies that hang over these great brands, looking for a buck out of our football enthusiasts. We have a brand new publication, designed to give you, a football fan, pure entertainment and only that.

TLF is written, edited and designed by a plethora of talented journalists set free from the ticky box system that sits so dismissively over the journalism industry. It’s a publication that will transform the way you read a magazine, or a football book as it could be better described.

When your copy of TLF falls through your letterbox, or you’ve downloaded it onto your phone or kindle, you’ll find yourself engrossed in the game and the topics that really matter. We’re working tirelessly to tie up the loose ends and sign-off this artful copy that will have no pages to skim read, no competitions to enter, no gimmicks or page fillers, and we’re eagerly awaiting your thoughts.

While it is nice to occasionally get sucked into the commercial enterprise that without doubt adds another exciting element to the off-field game of football, it’s more important to remember that without the on-field game, the most important part, the off-field game wouldn’t exist.

And for this reason, I give you… Two Left Feet…

Out now – available here…


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