Do you have an Arsenal story to tell?

Do you want to share an Arsenal related story here on WTTGT? We want to hear about:

  •          Your first Arsenal game
  •          The best/worst game you have ever seen
  •          Your favourite player and why
  •          Your favourite ever away day
  •          Your mate who named his dog ‘Arsenal’ tattooed ‘Spurs’ on his arse
  •          The crazy things lengths you have gone to in supporting your team
  •          Your opinion on Arsene Wenger and the board 
  •          Anything else that would make a good story….

If you would like to share your story or opinion with the world, then email us at [email protected] or tell us on Facebook at

Don’t worry if you’re not much of a writer, we can have one of our writers write your story for you! Just get in touch…


Vivek Arulnathan (Site Editor)


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