O Captain, My Captain

I do not care if Robin Van Persie wants to leave. Players come players go this is football and given the state of current football with the ‘sugar daddy’ culture in our league we have to accept this is part of our game now.

What I do care about is Van Persie being handed the armband last season. Now I have never been in charge of naming a captain for a football club but I would guess one of the major personality traits you look for is loyalty. How can we make a player whose future is in doubt with one year left on his contract captain?

I suspect he was given the captain’s armband to encourage him to stay. This should never be allowed to happen. I suspect this of the mob the other end of the seven sister’s road, not at our club. A captain of the Arsenal should be MR ARSENAL.

I cannot stand players like Van Persie who state their love for the club. They do not love the club. I love the club, if you’re reading this the chances are you love the club, they don’t. When you love something or someone you fight for it. You do not run you contract down and you do not announce your intention to leave regardless of circumstance.

This lack of ambition and disagreement of going forward excuse is poor to be honest. We signed two players in demand. Two players who both had fantastic seasons, and they choose us over clubs who achieved more than we have in recent years. This was achieved before July. So spare us your excuses Robin.

We are not Robin Van Persie FC we are the Arsenal. We go on we have lost better players and survived. I would like to see the club sell him not and bring in Fernando Llorente from Athletic Bilbao, I really liked the look of him last season. Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and Llorente in my opinion is an improvement on last season’s strikeforce of Van Persie, Marouane Chamakh and Park .

Onwards and upwards.

Ross Sandell


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