Is Akers the answer?

It’s a gluttony of riches at Arsenal… well if you are the Arsenal Ladies FC that is completely the case. Look at all of those titles…

And on to the men.

I had a hard time deciding what to write for the first time, and I think I feel it’s best to poke fun at the Gunners.

Three things have happened within the last week.

1)     RvP said he will not resign his current deal (everyone speaks van Persie-ian and KNOWS that he means he won’t sign a new contract).

2)     Alisher Usmanov opened his food hole and gained a lot of support, without saying that much.

3)     Arsenal cancel their trip to Nigeria. It’s a smart decision, but why announce you are going down unless it is for sure?

But what everyone TRULY cares about is TITLES. Arsene Wenger has not delivered in the last little while, but Vic Akers OBE has… Hmmm maybe appointing Steve Bould was a mistake?

I love Wenger, I think what he represents is so completely positive that football cannot ignore it. However, if Arsenal want to win titles, Akers is the man to deliver.

Wenger (16 seasons in charge) 11 domestic titles, only 7 if you exclude the Community/Charity Shield (Arsenal fans count 11, we’ll take what we can get these days).

Akers (22 seasons in charge) has 50 titles, one is a European Cup and 31 domestic titles (equivalents to Capital One Cup, FA Cup, and Premier League).

Based on the numbers, I would pick Akers to manage England!

OK, OK, I have had my fun. Arsenal need titles, and despite everything I have typed to make you laugh, all you focused on is my one sentence on Van Persie. Life goes on, you all should move on too!


Morgan Rubes

Chair Arsenal Canada Supporters Club


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