VIDEO: Slip of the tongue; Freddie Ljungberg swears on live TV

He says what he wants, he says what he waaaaaaaaaaaaaaants, Freddie Ljungberg, he says what he wants!

So the Gunners legend was playing the role of a pundit on Match of the Day 2 last night alongside Mark Lawrenson and present Colin Murray, and caused quite the stir towards the end of the show.

After giving his views on all the days games, the Swede was given a special feature at the end of the programme looking back on his career, in particular with Arsenal.

The feature of course payed homage to the Invincibles team which saw Ljungberg starring at right midfielder.

Although Freddie was a big hit with the Arsenal fans, the man himself was full of credit for his back up man Lauren.

When discussing his role in the side, Ljunberg said:

“I had Lauren behind me for example and if anyone would kick me, he would kick the shit out of….excuse my language…afterwards.”

This of course led to an apology from Murray before the guys carried on with the show.

Below is the video.

Matt Cotton


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