VIDEO: Chelsea find the net through Mertesacker-shaped hole

Arsenal have now conceded 3 goals this term and all of which have come from set pieces. 

The goal at City was down to zonal marking which is new to these Gunners, however the two at Chelsea were easily avoidable. 

The first was a floated ball in and Torres somehow escaped the clutches of Larry Kos to flick it in. How? Because Kos was too busy trying to stop him and wrestle him to the floor instead of smashing the ball away or making the header. If Torres hadn’t have scored, he would almost certainly have won a pen. Credit to him for staying on his feet in fact. 

The second was down to two points. 1 the horrifically laboured foul by Tommy V that led to the free kick. Then another error by Kos who’d got caught holding a high line. 

All three of the points leading to Chelsea’s goals could have been avoided had Wenger kept faith in his most consistent performer this term. 

Per is 12ft tall and could have headed both balls (stop laughing at the back) away and Captain V was sick last weekend so who’s to say he fully recovered? This could have led to a lazy/tired attempt at that tackle? 

It’s all ifs buts and maybes but Per has shown great form so far this year so it’s puzzling as to why he was chopped? 

On the flip side, Arsenal’s defence has only shipped vs the Premier League champions and Champions of Europe. The old Arsenal would have conceded more goals vs Sunderland & Stoke – this new look Arsenal back line kept them at bay.

Greg J Smart

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