Top 5 things to do during the International break

The international breaks seem to come at a strange time.

Considering we’ve had a full summerof football throughout Euro 2012 and the London Olympic Games, it seems crazy to think that we have already had an international break, and just as we are enjoying the being back in the swing of the Premier League, another one strikes.

Now not everyone is a great fan of watching their country, especially when you live in England.

While I don’t mind supporting the Three Lions, I would much rather be watching Arsenal and if not can certainly think of many other alternative things to do.

So for all you football fans out there (and let’s face it, if you’re reading this than that is you) here is a guide of the top five activities you can partake in for the next time an international break comes around.

Relive the past

There is nothing quite like turning back the clock on the glory days is there.

Pick out that title-winning season DVD (or VHS depending on who you support) and put a smile on your face as you watch your boys rip it up in style.

The Invincible campaign is a personal favourite of mine, so grab a seat and some decent grub and take a trip down memory lane.


Most of you probably do this anyway, but if you can’t turn out to the Emirates and watch the Gunners entertain, then you can at least keep yourself occupied in the world of video games.

The players rant and rave about how much they love playing FIFA all the time, so turn your Xbox on and lose yourself in the digital world.

Sign outrageous players, line-up in a ridiculous formation, do whatever you want. You have the club wrapped around your little finger, so you can preview how your ideas for the team might turn out.

Support your local/lower league team

While the Premier League and Championship may take a few weeks off, the vast majority of teams in England are still in action.

Take yourself down to your local team. It doesn’t matter if they’re in League One or a Pub League, so long as you get yourself to a game.

And just because it is a lower standard of football doesn’t mean that these teams can’t play a fair bit.

The boys don’t do weeks off.

Take a holiday

The players have an international break, so why can’t you?

Completely erase football from your mind for a fortnight and take a holiday somewhere. Whether it is in your own country or not it doesn’t matter, but try and completely avoid the topic all together and focus on the more important things in life; family and friends.

Get out and get fully recovered for when the Premier League returns.

Actually watch the international games

If you love football that much, then you could actually watch the internationals.

Whether you support your own country, or choose to analyse your club’s players by watching other nations in action, the best cure for no football is essentially football.

Some of it really isn’t that bad either, and you could always treat yourself to watch Spain or Germany play rather than put yourself through watching England make a European minnow look a decent outfit.

Matt Cotton



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